Air fryer vs. Oven

Air fryer vs. Oven: How Air Fryer is Better than a Microwave Oven?

If you are looking for an air fryer, the chances are that you are comparing it with microwave ovens. You may find yourself wondering which one to get: an air fryer or a microwave oven.

Here are all the differences you need to know about between the two.

Air fryer vs. Oven

Technological Differences

Understanding the technology involved in their mechanisms will help you understand both of them a bit better.

In microwave ovens, radiation is used to cook food. They work fast because the molecules inside the food get direct heat energy by radiation in this appliance. The technology is very similar to radio and television transmitters that make use of electromagnetic waves.

Magnetism and electricity move up and down in a pattern at a very high speed (typically at the extreme speed of light). Of course, these electromagnetic waves are invisible and they are very short when you compare them with radio waves.

Microwave ovens pack in a lot of energy and the main benefit of using them is that they cook food very fast when compared with a conventional oven. It fact, they can cook about 6 times faster because heat gets transferred very quickly to the food particles.

When it comes to air fryers, the principle that is used is the patented Rapid Air Technology. The technology is very simple.

In it, very hot air rapidly moves inside the appliance which cooks the food. Because extremely hot air moves around very rapidly, the texture of the food cooked is very crispy and crunchy and that is why frying things in an air fryer produces such great results.

Why an Air Fryer is better than a Microwave Oven

Here is a list of the reasons.

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  • Well, don’t judge them by the prices only! Air fryer uses about 70-80% less oil than regular cooking. It is not possible for a microwave oven to do so. The microwave oven may use a little less oil for cooking stuff than in a conventional gas burner but it cannot compare up with the air fryer.
  • If you choose an air fryer, you will be able to eat fried foods that have absolutely no oil. Again, the microwave oven may be able to restrict the amount of oil one uses in cooking in it, but it won’t fry anything without any oil. It is just not possible.
  • Air fryer is very easy to clean up because it uses a minimum of oil. Also, since the frying basket is removable, clean up is very easy and does not take much time.On the other hand, cleaning up the microwave oven can be a tough job, especially if oil and grime gets inside the appliance.
  • If crunchy and crispy foods like French fries, chicken nuggets and chips are something your family likes, rest assured that no one does the job better than an air fryer.
  • If you like taking home a doggy bag after eating out at a restaurant, you will love re-heating in the air fryer. The lumpy dinner can turn crunchy in your air fryer at the touch of a button. The effect is just not the same in the microwave oven; it is only able to heat up the food.
  • Cooking in the air fryer takes up lesser time than in a convection microwave oven. So you save time in the kitchen.

If you are thinking of eating healthier for every meal, choose an air fryer over a microwave oven with your eyes closed. You are definitely not going to regret it.






3 thoughts on “Air fryer vs. Oven: How Air Fryer is Better than a Microwave Oven?”

  1. air fryer is much better than a microwave first microwave has radiation and it has many side effects later in your life but air fryer is healthy and uses really little oil and if you need to reheat food the air fryer makes the soggy cold food in to crunchy hit food air fryer is a really good product I am 100 percent satisfied with it

    1. Nadine Villarreal

      Thank you for this article. I stopped using microwaves about 7-8 Years ago. I know that radiation is not a good way to cook. Our family has gotten use to it, but I’ve heard so much about air fryers, I wanted to do my research before buying one. I’m looking forward to getting one!

  2. An air fryer is not only a healthier option it takes up less space on the work surface. some body with do the math on running costs, watch this space.

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