Features that Made Air Fryers Exceptional Yet Better Than Other Appliances

Features that Made Air Fryers Exceptional Yet Better Than Other Appliances

So, we always had kitchen appliances at our homes and they worked out pretty great! If we think about it, we also had tools that can heat up foods or even cook those inside, right?

Why there was a need for air fryers? This is an important question to address because we need to figure out why air fryers became exceptionally better than the other appliances out there within a very short span of time.

This is not an article which will state you the benefits of using an air fryer. Obviously, you can look at it at that way but there will be more into it.

The article will try to convey you messages on why air fryers are better than the other appliances being a unique thing in the market. It is a complex area but we will try to make sure that we keep it as simple as we can.

At the end of the day, we are talking about air fryers here so there will be a bit of spinning whether we want it or not.

Features that Made Air Fryers Exceptional Yet Better Than Other Appliances

Using Less Oil

If you are an air fryer geek (someone who knows more than enough about air fryers) then you already know that the statement that air fryers do not use oil is a myth. That was a propaganda to increase the sales of air fryer.

Now, yes! It is true that air fryers use oil but the amount that it uses is super low and that is the USP (unique selling proposition) of this machine. This one factor played a huge role in making sure that air fryers are different than anything else in your kitchen.

An Upgrade from Microwave

A lot of people see air fryers from this perspective. They think that an air fryer is an extension or an upgraded model from a microwave. Though it is not but they have their logics too which is very valid. I mean, think about it for a second. Previously with microwave ovens, we used to heat up one type of food at a time.

Now with the help of air fryers, we can easily cook multi types of food at the same time. That is an extra benefit, right? Now again, with the help of air fryers, we can easily cook with less oil which was not possible in a microwave. That is another upgrade, isn’t it?

So yes, from a lot of point of views, air fryers are an upgrade from microwaves for your kitchen.

Easy Cooking

Whether we want it or not, we will always be comparing air fryers with microwave ovens and with stoves in some cases too because guess what? That is all about it at the end of the day!

You are using these similar tools to cook and the comparison is bound to happen. Now, one of the core differences in air fryer is that it made cooking easy and accessible for all of us which it was not before.

The stove era is the basic era when if you had cooking skills, you could cook awesome foods. Then came the oven era where you also had to have cooking skills to cook food because it is not easy to cook with microwaves and you cannot cook everything on it.

Then finally, we had the air fryer era when even a non-cook (someone who has no interest in cooking) can get up in the morning and cook delicious food with the help of an air fryer.

Yes, you cannot yet cook everything you want with an air fryer but it is still a lot easier now than before.

Awesome Design

This is no brainer! Whenever you have an upgrade in the market, you expect the design to change in a better way. Previously we had regular televisions and then we had the LCD, LED and finally the internet televisions.

The same thing happened with the cooking industry.From regular oven that could only heat up your already cooked food, we went a long way up to air fryers which comes with innovative design and features.

Almost all air fryers have different buttons for different types of foods which make it easier for you to cook. You do not even need to know now what heat the French fries will need! The air fryer has it programmed.

Easy to Clean

If you ask any chef or even an irregular cook that what is the worst thing about cooking, then the reply will always be the same. It is the cleaning phase!

Cleaning is boring and when you are cooking food, the mess that you create is super bad. Specially, if you are not a chef then the mess is intolerable.

Air fryers come in handy in those situations and that is why air fryers became very popular in those rent rooms, dorms and similar situations. When you are using air fryers, everything is basically happening inside it and there is no chance that you will ruin a big place.

Yes, you will still have to clean the air fryer but that we can expect from you, can’t we? Here’s a detail guide to clean an air fryer.

Special Recipes

As air fryers can now play with the heating temperatures, the opportunity to create innovative and interesting recipes pushed the boundary. You now have the option to cook something at a 400 degree heat for example and on the next minute you can take down the heat up to 200 degree.

That has an impact on your food. We are not saying that playing with heat will make you a brilliant chef but some recipes turned out to be pretty awesome.

So, these are the features that actually made air fryers different and exceptional yet better than all the other appliances out there in the cooking industry right now. It is simple to understand!

Air fryers are the upgraded version of everything combined that you had in your kitchen before. Therefore, it had to be good, right?



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