How to Use Air Fryer

Beginners Guide on how to Use an Air Fryer Properly!

Air fryer is the best cooking appliance for frying any food. It does more than frying.

It is the best alternative for frying, baking and more things. It has many available options.

Many reputed companies are making better and better air fryer at a low rate so that anyone can have the experience of an air fryer.

With the air fryer, you can avoid the stickiness of food and as well as oil. Fried food with this kitchen appliance can fry deep. You can cook any food in a various way in this kitchen appliance.

People thinks that air fryer can only fry food. But this is not true. You can cook fish, chips, salmon croquettes, spicy drumsticks with barbecue marinade, prawn cracker, etc.

Studies have shown that fried food in this helping hand has less than 80% of food oil which helps you to reduce more fat and calories from the food.

Some say that cooked food in the fryer is not tasty. But it tastes as good as fried food with oil.

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What is mainly an Air Fryer?

Air fryer is just a fryer. It seems that it can only fry, but it can do more than that. It can cook, grill and bake food at the temperature of 360 degrees.

Why Should you Buy Air Fryer?

If you want to lose your excessive fat as well as enjoy food, then this is the best and only way (till now) to eat fry food. This cooking appliance offers you oil free food and less calorie.

It can reduce 80 percent less of oil most of the time. It also helps to keep less grease from food on the plate. It is designed with thick plastic and stainless metal. Some of the air fryer goes up to 400 degrees F.

It fries deep enough to have a crispy food, so you don’t need to worry about the taste and quality of fried food in this helpful cooking kitchen appliance.

Air fryer contains less space of your kitchen. It is suitable for those people who are always on the go, who finds a new way to maintain their diet, have limited uses of any cooking material and for the workers.

You can have any size of this appliance for your kitchen. It runs on a very low current, so you don’t have to pay extra bills for using it.

In another hand, another heavy duty cooking material like an oven contains more electricity than air fryer. It is handy, small in size, easy to use and cheap.

So why don’t you buy it then?

What Contains an Air Fryer?

Air fryer is not complicated like other cooking appliance. It contains a pan, a divider, baking tin, double grill layer. The divider gives you the opportunity to cook two foods at the same time.

Pan fits well on the appliance. There is a basket which is placed in the pan. The basket has a handle which allows you to shake your food during cooking without having any trouble.

There is a baking tin also which allows you to bake goods and sweets like cookies and muffins. The ingredients which you want to cook put inside of the basket which perfectly fits in the pan.

The ingredients which you want to fry should be put into the basket. When you are going to remove the basket, make sure that the pan is sitting on the surface horizontally.

Air fryer comes with non-sticky surface and stainless steel.

Air Fryer Cook Book

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Quick & Easy Air Fryer Recipes


What is the Main Part of Air Fryer?

Manual Temperature

Not every food need equal temperature. This cooking appliance is giving you the opportunity to operate temperature of your own. So that food will not get over burned. There is an auto setup almost in every air fryer so that you can easily cook your desired food.

Size of Tray

The size of the tray gives you the amount that how much you are going to cook food. The Smaller tray is enough for one person, in another hand bigger tray is for more than one person.

Size of Air Fryer

Different air fryer has different size of its own. Some are small, and some are big enough for a whole family. Some family has larger space in their home, and some family doesn’t.

So everyone can buy this appliance of their choice. You can find portable air fryer which is very much useful for the busy person who travels a lot.

Clean Easily

Cooking tools are very much difficult to clean because of the grease of oil. Sometimes it leaves a stain on the tool and it gets damaged.

But air fryer is free of it because it uses no oil to fry or cook any food. It can be placed in the dishwasher easily and it is lightweight.

If you take care of the air fryer, you can use this fryer for a long time.


The price of this cooking appliance is quite handy. You can buy it at a cheap rate also.

There are some air fryer which you can buy at a cheap rate and have a good quality of this handy cooking tool.

But you should choose wisely because cheap one is not always good one and fulfill your needing.

Common mistakes which are committed by newbies

Many buyers regret after purchasing air fryer because they think they would have bought a better air fryer at this price. Sometimes they don’t buy the air fryer which fulfills their requirement.

Here are some mistakes which is committed by new buyers


Most of the users purchase wrong size air fryer. They buy too large or too small. You should keep in mind that for whom and why you need to buy air fryer.

  • If it is for the small family, then buy a small one.
  • If you have a big family then obviously buy the large one so that it saves your cooking time.
  • If you are a busy person and travels a lot, then buy the portable one.

So be careful about the size. You will regret if you don’t.

Many Features

Not every air fryer has same and all features. Some have many features and some have basic features. But you don’t need all the features on a daily basis.

Some new buyers get impressed by the new and attractive features and they buy it without even thinking once about it. After buying it they regret it.

So before buying any cooking appliance must recheck the list of features that you need and that you don’t need.

Buy that one which fulfills your requirements.


If you are going to need a perfect and well enough air fryer, then you can spend money on that. But if you are going to use it for daily basis then don’t go for expensive one.

You may not need the costly one. Keep it in mind before buying.

Air Fryer Cook Book

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How to Use an Air Fryer

New users of air fryer find it hard to cook a meal. Sometimes they burn food or remains uncooked. Basically, there are four individual stages of cooking food in the air fryer. They are:

1. Preparing food
2. Preparing Air Fryer
3. Cooking Food in the Air Fryer
4. Cleaning the mess of Air Fryer

How to Use Air Fryer

Preparing Food

If you want to prevent food from sticking to the basket, add a little bit oil to the food. Keep space between foods to pass the hot air through foods so that the foods get cooked.

You can use aluminum foil for separating food. If you are cooking oily ingredients then dry them first. So that there will be no extra smoke on the fryer.

Remove excess oil from the fryer.

Preparing Air Fryer

Turn on the fryer and keep it about 5 minutes for preheat. Make sure that your air fryer is hot enough to cook. Now place the food in the air fryer.

But do not overcrowd them.

Cooking Food in the Air Fryer

If you are cooking fries or chicken wings, shake fryer couple of times so that the foods will rotate and it will be fried all rounded.

On another term, you don’t need to worry that much.

Cleaning the mess of Air Fryer

After cooking it is the most important part. You must clean the air fryer before cooking any other food in it. You have to clean basket and pan after using them.

Some of the air fryers come with a dishwasher which makes the work easy. Soak in hot water if the stain doesn’t get off.

If you don’t clean it properly, then you might have the flavor of previous food.

Final Verdict

You must be aware of your usage and needs of air fryer. Because air fryer is not a showpiece.

If you use the best of this cooking appliance, then you must get satisfied with its care.

Gather more knowledge about operating air fryer and surely you will love it.





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  1. I bought a magum air fryer oven type but did not get the basket or the
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