5 Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

5 Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

Kitchen, the prime room for a cooking lover like a studio for a musician. For exploring the innate cook inside you from your busy schedule or for making your mom’s cooking experience easy, quick and convenient do ensure you’re having the basic kitchen tools in your kitchen.

Today we are here with the list of some basic must-have kitchen appliances that every cook might need.

Food Processor

A food processor is an electric kitchen appliance that helps you in the preparation for cooking. From making sauces and dips to chopping cabbage or lettuce it will leave you in no time. Food processor comes with large variety of blades and attachment to serve you for multiple purpose. It can be use in many ways.5 Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

Its spacious containers can be easily used as like your usual kitchen bowls. Its operation is also handy as it doesn’t require any sort of liquid to process food like mixers. In short this a multipurpose tool that can make your ingredients preparation stage easy and quick spending least effort. So choose this best friend of yours with much consideration.

Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker if termed as one of the most important piece of cookware in your kitchen arena won’t be wrong. It is nothing but a sealed vessel which cooks food using steam pressure in an energy efficient way. Compared to other conventional cooking method it can cook your food almost 70 percent faster keeping their flavor, color, vitamins, minerals and nutritional content intake.5 Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

So with the help of one you can serve healthy dishes every day to your family and even have enough time to concentrate on your other important chores leaving it to cook.

As it can cook food above the normal boiling point of water it can kill most microorganisms and thus act as a good sterilizer for baby bottles and pots.

Apart from making cooking experience much easier and healthier you can expect a much cleaner and cooler kitchen with the help of this handy appliance. It can save your time and money in different ways.

French Press

French presses is a simple looking cylindrical shaped coffee brewing device. It can be called as the savior friend for the coffee lovers. It comes with much lower price and better durability than other conventional coffee makers. At the same time it is energy efficient as it doesn’t require any electricity to operate.

5 Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

It just requires some simple kitchen tools like hot water, coffee beans and your preferred coffee matte. After that you need to simply steeping the coffee beans inside the French press in hot water to prepare your perfect cup of coffee.

It is one of the least expensive way to make great coffee at home. It is an eco-friendly tool which doesn’t use paper filters like other coffee makers.

It can promise to brings out the best flavor out of your coffee beans, preserving the real aroma and taste of your coffee. So if you claim yourself as a coffee lover make sure you choose a quality French coffee press.


Blender is an electric device helps us in the kitchen for chopping foods, making smooth purees, mixing and blending powder or granule type ingredients, extracting fresh juice and preparing sauces for your evening time snacks. You can work on improving your cooking skills with the help of a good quality blender.5 Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

You can also prepare delicious shakes, drinks or desserts for your friends and family in much quicker time. But proper use and care is a must to operate a blender and ensure its durability.

Overusing and over stuffing may harm the blender and burn it out easily. So grab this helping hand of yours from the variety of option available.

Air fryer 

Now we are here may be with the most useful kitchen appliance which can allow to have your desired yummy fried food like potato chips, chicken fries, nuggets and fish without worrying about the calories, fat and high cholesterol. We are talking about benefits of air fryers here.

5 Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

It comes with more precise cooking option as it is designed with regulating temperature and timer buttons. It is much healthy alternative for the health conscious as well as potential food lover. It is a wonderful kitchen appliance that cooks through flowing hot air around the food with the help of a high speed mechanical fan.

It can cook food with less oil unlike the traditional fryer. It can save up to 80% cooking oil. By owning an air fryer in your very own kitchen you need not to sacrifice your favorite fried foods.

You can easily respond to your inner food cravings as well being healthy and fit with the help of this great kitchen equipment. So it is a great savior for the food lovers and obviously the health conscious individuals.

Cooking is a source of passion and immense happiness for many. In the busy schedule of ours we may hardly get time for spending passionate time in our very own kitchen.

We tried to provide you the information about some essential kitchen appliances that can make our cooking experience much easier, quicker and innovative.









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