7 Super Effective Tips of Using an Air Fryer

7 Super Effective Tips of Using an Air Fryer

Do you have an air fryer? Well, either you have one or not, you should know about these tricks and tips to use your air fryer properly.

If you already own a model, these will help you to be more efficient and active with your fryer. If you don’t have one yet, these tips and tricks will help you to gain interest in air fryers.

Whatever the reason is, we hope that this article comes as an interesting one for you.

7 Super Effective Tips of Using an Air Fryer



1. The first tip is super interesting. Though most of the air fryers do not need oil with their dish, we recommend that you use at least one small spoon of oil with at least your fries.

You will find a huge difference in terms of taste. Try it!

2. Shake your food if you are cooking things like French fry or fried chicken. Open your fryer and shake them at least once before you close the lid again.

If you do not shake your food then you will find out that one side of the dish is yet to be cooked even after the time. If you are using an open bowl or if the item does not need a shake then you can ignore this tip.

3. The third tip is that you should never overcrowd your air fryer. It can put extra pressure on the machine and at the same time, you will not get a ready dish even after the due time if you overcrowd the air fryer.

The rule is pretty simple. If you need to go for a bigger food system, go buy a new model that can accommodate the extra foods.

Overcrowding is one of the main reasons that why air fryers get damaged or face technical problems. Do not let your model suffer the same.

4. Always try to use food spray. We know that most recipes and the cookbooks do not talk about the cooking sprays or the food sprays but you should know that if you use food sprays for even a bit, the cooking will be more delicious for sure.

Think about it in this way. We understand that you might not be a great cook yourself but cooking spray does not cost you to do anything. It is like that air fresh bottle of your car.

The only difference is that it is better and it will make your dish even more delicious.

5. Always dry your food inside the air fryer. Most people do not realize that air fryers are a lot different than the oven or the microwaves that we use.

May be we can take our cakes immediately out from the microwave once the timer is gone but you should not do the same with the air fryer. Let the food be a little dry and cold.

Well, we are not telling you to eat cold French fries. We are telling you to be patient so that you do not face accidents later on.

6. The next tip is that you should always understand the difference between a microwave oven and an air fryer.

They are different in many ways. Where a microwave oven is primarily a tool that we use to make our food hot and at times to cook specialized items, the air fryers are totally different. Air fryers are never used to make food hot. They are only used to cook both general and specialized items.

Therefore, you have to understand that you cannot use the air fryers same way like you have been using the microwave models.
7. The Last tip is that try to remain with the best companies out there when it comes to air fryers. Air fryer is still a new concept in the world. It can bring poor experience using cheap local company products. So, Try to stay with the known companies.

This is true that the poor companies have faced issues such as certification problem. Some of them have cant provide quality food as they promise to do. We do not want that you face the same incidents. Therefore, the best idea will be to avoid those poor models.

Take your time and ask your friends may be for reviews. Read review based sites like our one and then take your decision. Be patient that is all we are asking for.

Finally, if you follow these tips regularly, you will definitely have a wonderful experience every time you cook with your air fryer. Air fryers are still new around us and we are trying to do everything to make those more popular around.

Come and join us in that party.



7 Super Effective Tips of Using an Air Fryer
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10 thoughts on “7 Super Effective Tips of Using an Air Fryer”

    1. Love mine too, have a Phillips! Bigger capacity would be best for a large family.
      These tips are true and valuable. I would add that if you soak your pot in warm soapy water imediately after using it is a snap to clean ans wiping down the inside and outside will keep it looking like new and working well. I have had mine sine they first came out and it’s like brand new! I use it at least three times a week., sometimes more.

  1. I disagree with one tip. We have used ours to reheat food many times. It crisps up take out food wonderfully. Also when I make ahead and batch of waffles, it rehearsal them and they are delish.

    1. Me to I use mine to reheat all the time Shepherds pie lasagna biscuit anything you name it I reheated it makes it better than reheating in the microwave it’s not soggy.

  2. I actually thought about that too. I thought it would probably do a great job at re-heating food. The differance would be that the air fryer would take longer with things like frozen foods than the Microwave. Id rather put my burrito in the microwave in the wrapper/ (open one end of course) and set the time. In the air fryer Id have to take it out of the wrapper and then Id have to clean up the air fryer. LOL
    Just my thoughts.

  3. My air fryer basket is peeling and we want to know if we are eating chemicals…never used abrasives on it..please help

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