Is Air fryer Worth Buying

Is Air Fryer Worth Buying?

Air fryer is a great companion for your kitchen. It can fry anything with less or no oil. The hot air goes through the food, and the temperature inside the fry basket rises about 360 degrees.

Many people find frying food is hard. But frying food in the air fryer is too much easy. It is easy to clean and fix. Traditional companies are making this great kitchen appliance and they are making it more economic now a days.

Air fryer does more than frying. It can grill, steam, roast and even it can bake. You should buy this kitchen appliance.

Here is a list of reasons why air fryers are worth to buy.

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Is Air fryer Worth Buying

Low Fat

This kitchen appliance has the ability to fry food with no oil or even less oil. It can save up to 80% of oil from your food.

It is beneficial to our health. Because excess oil can block our blood circulation. Eating oily food is the main cause for many types of disease like diabetes, stroke, heart damage or even death.

You may think that cooked food in air fryer tastes bad. But it is wrong, and it tastes as good as frying food. If you are on a journey and you need to cook food fast, this is the best option for you.

It can fry your food in a short time. You can cook French fries, chips, muffins, chicken and so on. Food which is cooked in this appliance is much healthier than fried foods in the stove.

Easy Maintainable

Air fryers are easy to clean. This doesn’t need to use much oil. So they should make no grease on the basket.All ingredients of this kitchen appliance are cooked with less oil so that you will get the same taste as oiled fried food.

When you eat fried food which is cooked in air fryer leaves less greasy stains on your fingers and plates as well.

If you want to have some taste of oil, then you can apply some oil on the food instead of soaking in the oil. But it may damage the fan.

Comfortable Size

Air fryer comes with many sizes. A person who doesn’t have much space in his/her kitchen he/she can easily apply this kitchen appliance on their cooking spot.

It can fit anywhere in your kitchen. It is lightweight and small, so you don’t need large space for this kitchen appliance.

You can carry it anywhere you want. Usually, it requires around 800Mhz watt to run, so you don’t have to worry about the extra electric bill.

Availability and Price

After the invention of air fryer, many people has shown their interest in it. It was costly for the first time.

But after realizing the importance and popularity of this appliance, many famous companies as like Philips are making it and building up their profit.

Now, this has become much cheaper and affordable so that anyone can buy it easily. You can get this anywhere in the supermarket.

Long Lasting

Air fryer lasts long enough. A cheap one may face some problems like not frying food enough, overheat etc. But mid-range of this appliance is much good for any heavy duty.

Most of the companies offer one or two years of warranty with it. The parts of air fryer are very much easy to get.


Air fryer saves your time and money. Because now oils are very much costly and not everyone can afford it. Oil is also bad for our health.

But it can fry food without any oil and food doesn’t consume oil. It is easy to handle, can fit anywhere and flexible.

It is very much easy to use. So I think it is worthy enough to buy and it is the right kitchen tool for serving your beloved family oil less healthy fried food.



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