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Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer Review

Big Boss air fryers are quite a familiar name in the air fryer market. They always claim that their air fryers will allow you to have delicious food in a very healthy way.

Many people seemed to like these air fryers. We have brought you the review about their product named the Big Boss 9063 1300- watt oilless air fryer. This air fryer is a little bit different than the other air fryers of the market.

Its design, cooking technology even its look all are little different than the typical air fryers of the market. Big Boss 9063 16 quart air fryer has the unique design of cooking in three distinct ways.

This air fryer is a perfect purchase for family, as it is larger than other air fryers and one can cook more food in a single batch.  The price is also very reasonable.

It’s an excellent air fryer which can cook almost everything.

big boss 9063

Triple Way of Cooking

It is one of the best features of this air fryer which made it a different air fryer in the market. Most of the air fryers have the rapid air circulation technology that rapidly blows hot air around the food from all direction to make sure even cooking.

However, the Big Boss 9063 has come with some other technology called Triple Cooking Power. This feature allows the food to cook from inside while sealing all the juicy ingredients. There is halogen to heat food, convection for even cooking and inferred to make sure that the inside of the food is fully cooked.

This means, when the food comes out from the fryer it is perfectly cooked from inside and outside, just like an oven baked food. This amazing feature makes your food at three times earlier than an oven.


Big Boss 9063 is a mildly large air fryer weighing nearly 15 pounds.  This air fryer has a high capacity which will allow one to cook a 6 lb. Turkey also. It’s 16 quarts air fryer that can cook more food in a single batch than many air fryers of the market.

That’s mean that now on occasions you can prepare all your delicious food items in a healthier way by just using this air fryer.


Not only the functionality of the Big Boss 9063 is incredible, but it has a unique design also. While most of the air fryers have a similar type metal frame in their design, the Big Boss wanted to offer something more to their customers. This air fryer has included a glass dome in their design, which will allow you to watch your cooking progress.

It comes in two different color red and white. Both of these colors especially the red one gives this air fryer a very attractive look.



Negative Sides

This amazing air fryer has got some problems. First of all, as we said, this is a quite large air fryer which means it takes a lot of space to store and operate. Therefore, this air fryer is not for a small kitchen.

Final Words

Big Boss 9063 16 Quart Air Fryer is undoubtedly a great purchase for anyone.  This product has got fantastic feedbacks from its users.  You can surely start your healthier way of cooking with this air fryer.





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