Della 048-GM-48295 Multifunction Air Fryer Review

Della Air Fryer Reviews: A Great Combination of Health and Taste

Health and taste is a tricky combination to achieve especially when most of your favourite foods are fried. However, it remains a fact that excess oil isn’t good for your body and if you’re watching your weight, you should probably get rid of your French fries. Sounds difficult? Well, there might be an easy way out.

The answer to your problem is Air Fryers- one of the most innovative appliances in the world of kitchen tools that help you maintain the balance you need between fat and your taste buds. Air fryers are capable of giving you fried food by using up to 80% less oil than needed by using a high air circulation mechanism for frying the food. This gives you your favourite crisp and fried food tasting absolutely the same but with lesser calories.

With so many air fryers available in the market today, which one do you choose?

Della Air Fryers is one of the most sought-after air fryer brands with their wide range of products that include features like multifunctional elements, faster cooking, temperature control and more. Our reviews of 3 products from their Air Fryer range will clear up any confusion that you may have and will help you make an informed decision.

Della 048-GM-48295 Multifunction Air Fryer Review

This air fryer from Della is a multifunctional appliance which has qualities of both an oven and an air fryer. All you need to do is put the uncooked food into a bowl, set the timer and the temperature and wait for it to get ready. It can cook food faster using non-conventional methods. It comes with a large cooking utensil and is also easy to clean and maintain.

Della 048-GM-48295 Multifunction Air Fryer Review

Halogen Heating Element

The halogen heating element in the Della 048-GM-48295 Multifunction Air Fryer helps in even distribution of heat all through the bowl and cooks the food uniformly keeping its taste and texture intact. The halogen element can be used to fry, roast, bake, broil, steam, and grill your food.

There is also a powerful internal fan that circulates the hot air throughout the dish so that the temperature is ideal to cook the perfect dish. It’s quite sturdy so you can be sure that you will be able to use it for a good many years.

Cooks 3 times faster

A big part of cooking involves how fast it can be cooked, especially when guests come over to your place. This fryer comes with a special convection style of cooking that makes it act like an oven and evenly spreads the heat throughout, which speeds up the process.

The food is hence cooked up to 2-3 times faster than most traditional cooking methods. The best part is that the food prepared in the fryer will taste just the same.

Extendable capacity of 12L

The air fryer comes with an extender ring that can increase its capacity to 12 liters and allows you to cook larger quantities of food easily. So you can cook dinner for your whole family at one go. It also has a touchpad temperature-control unit, where you can set the required temperature for perfect cooking.


  • Has a stylish exterior design that you will fall in love with.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Cooks faster than traditional methods.
  • Maintains the balance of healthy and tasty.


  • The appliance may have over heating issues if kept on for too long.
  • Doesn’t come with safety measures or auto switch-off.
  • May have issues with its durability.

Della 048-GM-48268-RD Electric Air Fryer Review

A fryer which can easily cook your favourite nuggets, fries, or other snacks in large quantities for your family is always a good option. This air fryer uses about 70% less oil than any other fryers and comes with an adjustable temperature control. The detachable non-stick pan allows you to transfer your cooked food to a dish.

Della 048-GM-48268-RD Electric Air Fryer Review

Temperature Control Knob

The air fryer has a temperature-control knob that you can adjust easily. You can set any temperature between a minimum of 180 degrees and a maximum of 390 degrees. This setting makes the fryer ideal for frying, roasting, and grilling your foods without any hassle. The right temperature cooks the food just perfect and preserves its taste and texture.

 30-minute automatic standby

It allows you to set a timer for your food- the duration of its cooking in the fryer- along with adjusting the temperature. The fryer gives you a ready signal as soon as the food is cooked. However, since it allows a maximum of 30 minutes during which the food can stay in the fryer, the appliance will automatically shut down once it reaches the set time limit to prevent overheating or burning of the food. You also have the option to preheat the air fryer before starting to cook.

Detachable food basket

The air fryer comes with a detachable food basket which can be easily disengaged from the fryer. This means that after the cooking is done, you can take out the pan and transfer all the food onto a dish immediately. It also has a plastic layer that protects it from the heat.

The non-stick coating on the bottom tray makes it easier to clean the basket in case of grease stains. The large size ensures that you do not have to cook the same food over and over again.


  • Sleek and stylish design that is sure to attract some eyes.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Large enough to cook for a family.
  • Automatic shutoff prevents overheating.
  • Makes cooking faster and easier.


  • The knob may get difficult to use after a while and gets stuck at times.
  • Does not come with any cooking instructions.
  • The large size may be a problem for some.
  • The customer support team is not responsive enough.

Della Electric Air Fryer with Temperature Control & Detachable Basket Handle Review

This simple electric air fryer from Della is the most affordable one out of the three mentioned in this article. It comes with two knobs for adjusting temperature and setting the timer for frying respectively. The hot air technology gives the food a crispy finish. The food basket in the fryer is detachable which allows easy handling of the cooked food. Also, the non-stick coating on the basket prevents the grease from sticking to the fryer which makes it easier to clean.

Della Electric Air Fryer with Temperature Control & Detachable Basket Handle Review

Temperature Control Settings

The temperature control knob accommodates a wide range of temperatures- 175 degrees Fahrenheit to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This also happens to be the ideal range of temperature for frying, grilling, baking and steaming. This feature helps to retain the taste and aroma of your food and also makes sure that you do not end up burning it.

30-minutes standby

The air fryer comes with an adjustable timer knob and a preheat option. You can preheat the fryer for a while before you start cooking so that your food is crispier. The air fryer has a maximum limit of 30 minutes to cook the food, after which it shuts down automatically. This helps to prevent overheating

Cooks food faster

This air fryer cooks food faster than more traditional methods of cooking because it can be regulated so easily. The preheat option also reduces the cooking time of the food by at least half.


  • The design is simple and modern – it’s one of the best that you would find out there.
  • Easy to use with the temperature and timer knobs.
  • Cooks faster than traditional methods
  • Can fit into the kitchen without causing any space problems.


  • The timer knob may stop working after a few months and would need fixing.
  • The non-stick coating starts peeling off after a while.
  • The item may not turn out to be durable so it’s only good if it’s the first air fryer that you’re buying.
  • The customer support team is not always responsive.

Which one should you choose and why?

Out of the three, the Della Electric Air Fryer with Temperature Control & Detachable Basket Handle is the most affordable of all. This air fryer is apt for people who want one for daily personal use.

However, if you want a larger fryer, opt for the Della 048-GM-48268-RD Electric Air Fryer.

Both theses appliance have an automatic shutdown mechanism which makes them safer to buy than Della 048-GM-48295 Multifunction Air Fryer.

In terms of price, use, and durability, you should ideally opt for the Della 048-GM-48268-RD Electric Air Fryer because you never know when guests might turn up and your safety is of utmost importance.

Air fryers are a great buy because they initiate a healthy lifestyle which would be much easier to maintain. You are not even having to compromise on your favourite snacks. So go ahead and invest in an air fryer!

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