Rosewill RHAF 15001 Oil less Fryer Review

Rosewill RHAF 15001 Oil less Fryer Review

If you are one of those people who want to get a good product and ready to pay a reasonable amount of money for the features then there is a huge chance that the Rosewill RHAF 15001 oil less fryer will satisfy your thirst. Well, not literally the thirst as this product will not cook liquid for you but you will find this air fryer useful in most cases.

Whenever we talk about air fryers and the premium brands that prepare air fryer models, we hardly cover the brand named Rosewill. This is sad but that is the reality.  Though the brand has been producing quite interesting products in the field of kitchen for more than three years right now, the brand is still considered young and the trust factor on their products are still low. The good news is that the situation is slowly changing and hopefully, we will be able to have a lot more quality products from this brand like the RHAF 15001.Rosewill RHAF 15001 Oil less Fryer Review

Different Colors & Variations

It feels weird to bring this point to the feature list of an air fryer. But this is important at the end of the day. There are many people who want to design their kitchen in a certain way and they look for the exact match colors which will go with their kitchen.We are not saying that this air fryer has all the colors that you need but it certainly has a few options for you to choose from.Rosewill RHAF 15001 Oil less Fryer Review

Apart from the color feature, this air fryer also has three different versions in terms of the holding capacity of food which is amazing. We have seen a lot of air fryers fail to be bought by consumers because they cannot find that perfect size. This air fryer will not have that problem for you.

Standard Temp Control

The temperature control that you will get in this product is standard. Though obviously, the lacking is pretty evident. Where a lot of air fryers come up with dedicated preset models, this air fryer does not have any of those into action. The temperature range that this one got is good enough though to serve all your purposes. The temperature in this model starts from 122 degree and goes up to 392 which are more than enough to cook anything and everything on this planet. Rosewill RHAF 15001 Oil less Fryer Review

Though our writings may sound misleading, we want to be very clear on this that the temperature feature is average and you can get similar feature in almost all air fryers around.

Rapid Air Circulation

This is an important feature to have. It is actually more important to have air circulation than having proper temperature features in a model. If the air circulation is not good enough, there is no way that you will be able to cook with your air fryer for a long period of time.

Cooking is an easy task with the help of an air fryer but this process may get difficult as the time goes if you do not have a proper air circulation management. The air fryers will tend to be hotter and within one year of use, you will find that the air fryer is not that effective that it used to be.

Dishwasher Safe

The product is completely dishwasher safe but there is a cache here. You cannot put the whole air fryer into the dishwasher obviously, but you can actually take parts apart and then use the different parts to clean separately.Rosewill RHAF 15001 Oil less Fryer Review

It will obviously take a bit more time as you will have to take those parts apart but the overall experience is smooth. The parts are not attached with screws which makes the whole task even easier.

Extra Basket & Tray

The product comes with some extra baskets and trays to make your cooking experience even better. With the help of the basket and tray, you can better manage your food and not only that, you can actually make sure that you are cooking two or three items at once in this air fryer.

Having some extra items are always nice and that experience comes in handy in different situations.

Negative Sides

There are a few negative sides of this product that you should know about. Well, there are not many of them so do not worry about this section.

  • Cooking time is 60 seconds and more in most cases
  • The capacity varies in different models

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a good product to go for. Do not think about the color much as that is something obvious. Pay attention to the holding capacity of the one that you want to buy. If that matches with your desire and requirements, you may go ahead with this product.


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