Why Should You Stop Deep frying your Foods?

Why Should You Stop Deep frying your Foods?

Health is wealth – this has been practiced since our childhood of our lives by our parents, elders, and teachers of schools. However, for own interest along with leading a decent life with a good health, people started to study on health-related courses.  People nowadays are cautious, but some of them have the wrong idea about few issues.

Why Should You Stop Deep frying your Foods?

‘Deep Frying’ is such a topic about which few of us have some crazy theories. In one of our article, we discussed the comparisons of air fryer and deep fryer. This article is about the demerits of deep frying your foods.

Fats are one of the four essential molecules of life. Fats help to store energy and generate heat in our body. On the other hand, if you have a disease to be fat which is obesity, it is better to take less amount of fat in your body. Moreover, if the fats get burnt in which amount you are taking it in, fat will not cause any problem to your health.

If you fry the foods deeply, it will not break the bonds of fats, but obviously, because of excess oxidation, the taste of foods will go away in the air. In addition, in low temperature, the nutrients reach in the cells of the foods. In spite of helping the nutrients get in foods, high temperature burns the foods as the temperature stays in 170 to 190C.

Deep frying causes many accidents in life. As it is already known that deep frying oil has a high temperature about 180C, it can burn the skin too roughly if it once gets on cook’s skin anyhow. Unfortunately, the temperature fluctuates. It does not remain constant, and when it gets higher such as 200C, it makes things dangerous.

In foods, lots of chemical reactions occur which is favorable for the body if the ingredients have been used are fresh enough. On the other hands, in high temperature, the chemical reaction of oxidation gets higher in the process which causes low nutritional foods.

In higher temperature, nutrients are vaporized. Ultimately, we take a burnt tasted food which does not smell good and our digestive system does not take the food positively. Moreover, foods do not get broken and thus disease causes.

What should you do? Should you let the foods to release the heat and stay in room temperature or thaw the foods in the refrigerator? No! If you froze it through any medium, it would have contained more fats as fats can enter thawed foods.

Sometimes also tastes change for not having a good chemical reaction with frozen food and fats.
Deep fry has another bad part that is – it makes the oil unusable for next time after once the oil has been used. After deep fry, kindly change the oil totally from your pan.

It contains debris and the burnt parts of food which cause acidic environment in the intestine. People try to save the oil from being wastage in this way. The pathetic thing is, the burnt oil is already a wastage.

To add more, some of us add new, fresh oil to this old one of the pan which is deadly for health. You should new oil when you are done with cooking at the time of cooking and never add fresh oil and old wastage oil.

After reading all of the points, if you still think that deep fry is good for you, you are really taking the risk to your health. The best thing is to keep the temperature at a normal stage so that all the nutrients can take place in foods properly. By the way, in a normal temperature foods boil properly and has less chance to get burnt.

The oil of cooking also becomes less debris than in high temperature. Moreover, the fats can get in slowly without having no harm to taste and actually, fat increases the taste of food. End of all, if you are cooking foods at high temperature, keep the oil away from water drop because it may cause to accidents.

Deep fried foods include an immense amount of calories, fats, less amount of nutrition which are not healthy for your body’s digestive system though it can be too much tasty that your tongue can not hold itself to have one bite of it.


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  1. My new power air fryer oven worked great one time now went to use it tonight and the blower fan will not blow air.
    It is the secobd one. I got one two weeks agi and it worked two times and it did the same thing. Bed,Bath and behond replaced it now i got the same thing.

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