air fryer vs deep fryer

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer- Which One Worth Your Money?

Many people are still confused regarding air fryer vs deep fryer. So we thought of coming up with a complete article on everything about air fryer vs deep fryer so that there is no confusion anymore!

Both of these fryers give your food extra taste, extra crunchiness.

However, the difference lies in the method that is used in these fryers. Deep frying means dunking the food into a large amount of hot oil and air frying means coating your food with a little bit oil.

Air fryer vs Deep fryer

In simple words rather than asking deep fryer or air fryer, one can say Oil vs No-Oil. Deep frying means dunking the food into a large amount of hot oil and air frying means coating your food with a little bit oil.

If you are conscious about your health and you also traditional fried foods, then an air fryer is the best option for you.Air fryer vs deep fryer

Using a hot air to fry the foods is, of course, a better option than using a lot of hot oil. For example, in an air fryer, you need 70-80 percent less oil to make perfect French fries.

Moreover, while frying raw meats, you don’t even need any extra oil. Cleary in a debate of deep fryer vs air fryer, the air fryer is a healthy option.

Except the fact that an air fryer is a healthier option, there are many more advantages of an air fryer. The cleaning part is always comfortable in an air fryer.

In an air fryer, you only need to clean the cooking basket or the cooking pan. Most of the air fryers have non-stick pans, so it is easy to clean. In contrast, a deep fryer needs much more work to clean it. One has to spend a lot of time and energy to clean a deep fryer.

Next, if we talk about the safety, deep fryers are riskier than air fryer. One needs to stand up in front of the hot oil while cooking in a deep fryer. There are many cases where people got hurt by hot oil.

The chance of foods getting burn is higher in a deep fryer. However, all these scenarios are totally opposite when you are using an air fryer. There is no connection with hot oil in an air fryer and it is very rare to get food burnt in an air fryer.

However, with a deep fryer, one can only do deep frying. But an air fryer comes with multiple options. Most of the branded air fryers give you the opportunity to bake, grill, roast and fry foods. So, an air fryer is more versatile.

After buying one air fryer you do not need any other baker, grill set. Therefore, we can say it’s more economical than a deep fryer.

To sum up, we can say that if anyone is interested to live a healthier and comfortable life, then he/she should go for an air fryer.

If someone has a busy lifestyle, then an air fryer is the best purchase for him.

Cooking with air fryer is hassle free and fat-free, which makes your life happier and tastier.




1 thought on “Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer- Which One Worth Your Money?”

  1. After going through different comments and advises about Air Fryers, grills and griddles I fell in love with the likes of Emeril Lagasse power 360 and cuisinart 5- in-1 GR-4 brands and wonder if can also get them on gas version. Thinking of using them on food trailers.
    I still do not get a clear cut difference between air frying and grill. Because they both use little or no oil at all. who is the boss here?
    lastly, I am interested in your free cookbook. Do you ship to South Africa? If yes, at how much.

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