3 Everything You Should Know While Cleaning Your Air Fryer

Everything You Should Know While Cleaning Your Air Fryer

Cleaning your air fryer should be the top priority if you already own an air fryer.  Good news is that you do not have to work a lot to clean an air fryer. Cleaning an air fryer only requires your patience and organized mentality.

We focused on some short smart actionable tips for cleaning your air fryer.

Let’s see!

You have to understand that as we do not use or hardly use any oil in our air fryers, it is quite easy to clean and maintain them. It’s a benefit that none gets with all the food preparation tools.

The first task is always to make sure that you do not let the food be open inside the air fryer. Precaution is the best medicine while cleaning. If you do not allow open dishes to be cooked in the air fryer, the oil or the other food ingredients won’t spill out to the surface and the upper areas of the air fryer.

Ultimately, this is going to save your fryer from being messy.

After each and every cooking session, you should take a piece of wet cloth (or a sponge pad used in the kitchen) and clean the surface and the top area of your air fryer.

Always make sure that you are doing so no matter whether you can see the mess or not. Remember, even if you do not see it, it is there!

If you are cooking a lot of varieties of items at one go, make sure that you cook the messiest item at the end. It has some extra advantage! If you cook that one at the end, the mess will not touch the other items and  you can clean the air fryer at the end and everything else will still be alright.

On the other hand, if you cook the messy one at the beginning then the air fryer is already at mess. So if you clean it at that time, then you will have to clean it again later on which means that you will have to do the same task twice.

It does not make much sense, does it? So make sure that you are using your sense of humor  while cleaning your air fryer.

Always make sure that you clean the outer part of your air fryer as well as the inner side of it. Think about it for a second. You clean your floor and tiles every day not because they look dirty but because you know that they have dust and other poisons on top of them.

Similarly, the air fryer is also wide open in your kitchen and this is the device that prepares food for you and your family. Therefore, isn’t it wise to make sure that the outer part is as clean as the inner part?

Again, this is super easy.

Take that same cloth or sponge and make it wet in little warm water. Now slowly wipe out the dust from all the outer parts of your air fryer. Make sure that you take a dry cloth after that and do the wiping again so that the wet parts do not attract any dust.

Now that we are done with the cleaning phases of cooking and pre-cooking sessions, it is time to know about the regular die hard cleaning solutions.

You do not need to clean your air fryer once every day. You can do it twice in every month or if you use your fryer a lot then you can clean it once in every ten odd days. That is the standard.

Take it out and completely unplug it from any electric sources. Then if your air fryer is dishwasher friendly, you can put it there but make sure that all the removable parts are removed first before you put it in the dishwasher. When you are putting your fryer inside the dishwasher, make sure that you are not using harmful materials or detergents to clean it as you will use the fryer again to cook food.

Once your dishwasher session is completed, take the fryer out and make sure that it is dry. Do not even think of putting the power on again for the next one hour as it will be damaging for you and the fryer. It is better not to put on power for the whole day or at least for a few hours.

If you do not have a dishwasher, you can do the whole process manually using a simple cleaning dishwashing liquids and soap. Do it slowly and make sure that you are taking all the removable parts apart before attempting to clean the air fryer.





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