Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 Review

Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 Review : The Healthy Option

Find it difficult to choose between eating something healthy and eating something tasty?

While you may understand the importance of including healthier choices of food in our daily diet, you may not be able to give up on the temptation of oily and crispy food. Fried fast foods are rich in cholesterol and fat, which leave us with a feeling of guilt after every food-binging sessions.

So what if your food includes both the properties? What if we say that your food can be fried and yet be healthy and tasty? Chefman perfectly understands this dilemma you go through in your day-to-day life, and has come up with an incredible solution in the form of the Chefman Air Fryer RJ38.

This 2.5L Air Fryer promises to provide you with the amazing opportunity of having all your favourite fried food without feeling guilty.

If you’re new to air fryers, you might get confused with the options out there. Don’t worry, our review of the Chefman’s Air Fryer and all its aspects will make it easy for you.

So, what is it about the Chefman Air Fryer that we love?

Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 Review

Rapid Hot Air Technology

It saves oil and gives you fried snacks by using the Rapid Hot Air Technology. The machine circulates up to 200CC of hot air to get you the perfect fried food that you love, using as little oil as possible without compromising on the taste and quality. Chefman Air Fryer assures you that you will need almost no oil to fry your favourite potato or chicken fries, and it utilises up to 80% less oil than traditional air fryers.

Less oil implies less fat and calories, and yet it provides you with crisp results in minutes. The easy-to-use product makes sure that you can dive into your favourite food without worrying about gaining weight or getting a blocked artery.

Ultra Quiet and Odour-free

Frying or deep-frying can be a noisy process with oil splattering out of the frying pan whenever you put in something which can also prove to be dangerous. And not to forget, the smell of fried food and oil persists in our kitchens while cooking and after its and gets circulated through the entire house.

If you have invited guests, this can be a big turn off and might even leave you embarrassed. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your neighbours to complain about this odour or demand their share of fries.

Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 promises you an ultra quiet operation. With its integrated air filter, you can be sure of having an odour free kitchen. This safe air fryer product ensures that you have a noiseless and odour-free cooking time. The cooking experience is as important as the eating one, and Chefman understands that.

Supports a wide range of Temperature variation

Different dishes have different temperature requirements. When using the traditional frying technique, we have little or no knowledge about the temperature at which we should be cooking ideally. We also have to keep adjusting the stove flame to get the desired frying temperature for our food. And even after putting in so much effort, we are sometimes left with overcooked and undercooked food.

The Chefman Air Fryer has been designed to aid not only the expert but also the novice cooks in getting the perfect fried food experience. It comes with an adjustable temperature knob with calibration of a wide range of temperatures ranging from minimum 180 degrees Fahrenheit to maximum 390 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can select the temperature of your choice. It also comprises an integrated 30 minutes timer with an auto-off function. Cooking has never been so easy.

So the next time when you try your hand at preparing a dish, you just have to adjust the temperature using the knob provided and set the timer. Then you can forget about it as you and won’t have the need to keep a check on the cooking process.  You can carry on with your other work or leisurely sit on your sofa and wait for your masterpiece to get cooked.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

Cleaning any utensil or gadget after its usage is a basic obligation on our part for its longer life span. But we all agree that after an enjoyable cooking and eating affair, none of us wishes to get our hands dirty by cleaning the dirty air fryer manually.

We totally love binging on our favourite snacks, but we don’t like the idea of cleaning up the mess we created while cooking.

The Chefman Air Fryer was designed keeping this difficulty in mind, and hence it contains dishwasher safe parts. You can simply toss in the frying basket and the bowl in the dishwasher and bail out on the hassle of cleaning it. They are 100% dishwasher proof, so you do not have to think about it twice.

And even if you want to clean it manually, the parts are easy to disassemble for a quick and convenient cleaning process.

Comes with a handy recipe book

Yes, we all have the privilege of owning some high sophisticated and expensive appliances that adorn our kitchen shelves. But they become useless and lose their USP if we do not use them to cook anything other than our daily basic recipes. These prized possessions can give birth to delicious and exotic food, but sadly we might never get to taste any of that.

To remedy this issue,  Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 comes with a recipe book which opens up our mind to a wide range of different dishes which we would never known otherwise. This books helps us utilise the air fryer to its full capability with easy-to-make but tasty recipes.

Needless to say that if you are a born cook or you simply want to spend a day in the kitchen, you can put on your chef’s hat and try your hands at cooking various local and international dishes to entertain your guests using this magnificent air fryer.


  • Looks stylish and has a sophisticated exterior design.
  • Can be used without any difficulties, which makes it highly user-friendly.
  • Comes with a convenient handle, so you do not burn yourself.
  • Utilises very little oil and the food tastes almost the same as conventionally fried food.


  • Customers have been complaining about its very short lifespan.
  • Can be slow, unresponsive and the customer care support is not highly efficient.
  • The calibrations on the temperature and timer knob get rubbed off after using the fryer for a considerable amount of time, making it difficult to use.
  • Spare parts are not easy to find, and the process can tax you.

Final Verdict

The 2.5L Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 lets you have your enjoyable eating experience with a crystal clear conscience. It lives up to its promise of no or low oil consumption in preparing the fried foods which taste delicious nevertheless. But like any other electronic gadget, it also comes with its share of both positive and negative reviews.

It’s definitely worth giving a shot.





6 thoughts on “Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 Review : The Healthy Option”

  1. I bought a Chefman air fryer and loved it but it only lasted 2 months I was very upset because I was not able to take it back.

    1. I have gone through 2 of these, each only lasted about 3 months. I got them at Best Buy with the extended warranty so BB keeps replacing it. Inconvenient but I love the way an air fryer cooks so I am waiting on my third replacement in the mail.

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