Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review

Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review

Glip is a fun name considered in the world of air fryers. They are not new but they are not as popular as some other premium brands. You might think that as this is not a premium brand out there, the pricing of the products from Glip such as the AF800 will be low.

Well, you are completely wrong if you have thought that because Glip is one of the most priced brands out there in the world of air fryers!

Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review
Are you feeling confused that why you didn’t hear about this so called famous brand before? Well, the brand is not popular to be honest. They are there for quite a few time but they were not able to make it known.

Let’s not take the credit away from the product AF800 though because this is a great product. We only care about the products and not the brand itself. Therefore, let’s have a detailed look at this product.

No Oil Machine

When air fryers first came into existence, the big marketing speech from almost all air fryer producers was similar. They tried to portray that air fryers do not need any oil at all which does not necessarily be true. Well, you still need at least one spoon of oil in most cases. The rest of the frying is done with air.Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review

The good news is that you will not need any sort of oil while using this machine. AF800 is a machine that guarantees the no oil policy.

So if you are looking to lose weight then this might be the perfect fit for your needs.

High-Speed Air Circulation

The importance of high-speed air circulation is immense and this is something that is tough to realize unless you are in that position. We have seen a lot of air fryers get damaged as they do not have a high-speed air circulation system.

The problem is pretty simple. If the air flow is not there, the air fryer gets hot and though it may sound nice, the hotness will not help your food inside. This will damage your air fryer within a year of usage which is unexpected.

The good news is that you will not face the problem with this AF800 model.

Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review

Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review

Quick Result

If you are someone like those quick and fast teenagers, you will love this AF800 model. The product is so good that it will satisfy you within minutes. The product definitely cooks at least 50 times faster than the other versions out there.Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review

Well, if you are cooking grill or some other times that take time, this will not be applicable. But for simple fries to the chicken items, you will get those done within literally minutes.

Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review

We have seen a lot of dorms and related places use this air fryer for the quick results. It takes up a bit more energy than the regular ones to produce the quick result which you should consider too.

Easy to Wash

We always put importance on the benefit of being a product as easy to clean. It may sound weird to some people but we always find it necessary because if a product is not easy to clean and if that product is related to kitchen, you will definitely face difficulties over there.

Especially, when you are cooking something in an attached atmosphere, things start to become even messier. To make sure that your air fryer is clean and germ-free, clean it using a dishwasher as you can do so at ease with AF800.

Comes with Extras

It is always fun to be able to receive those extra items with your primary model. This AF800 comes with a lot of extras which you will love.Those are not related to your main machine but all of the extras are there to make your cooking experience even better. Now, the additional items tend to change every few months so it is better if you check it out yourself.Glip AF800 Oil Less Air fryer Review

The time when we are writing this article, the extras that come with the AF800 are a cookbook and a pair of heat resistance pad. They both are useful in making your cooking experience better.

Negative Sides

Well, there are a few negative sides that you should know about this product. It will make your life a bit easier in taking that final decision.

  • A lot of people said that the product is not different from a lot other ones out there
  • There might be a bit of odor while you are cooking the product

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a general product that you might go for. There is nothing that much to be excited about but yes, this is a good choice if you want to pick a general product for your everyday needs.



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