Living Basix LB100 Jet Fry Oil Free Fryer Review

Living Basix LB100 Jet Fry Oil Free Fryer Review

Living Basix is an interesting model to go for. There are a lot to talk about this product and you have come to the perfect place if you are interested to know more than enough about this product.

This is going to be a detailed article with everything that you need to know about Living Basix LB100. We will cover everything that you need to know so be patient and take your time in reading this detailed article.

Living Basix is an interesting name for a company and their LB100 was one of the first models that came out from this brand. The product is interesting and so are the features.

Though the product is priced a bit on the higher end compared to some other ones out there, there are reasons too behind that price range. Anyway, let’s start reading the features and then we will head to towards the negative sides and then the final verdict.

Living Basix LB100 Jet Fry Oil Free Fryer Review

Advanced Technology

If you are into high technology and if you want to make sure that the air fryer that you are buying is of high tech then there is a chance that you will like this product. The product has something that no other air fryers had while we were researching for this product review article.

There is infrared cooking technology inside this air fryer which will make sure that you get extra crispy products when you are frying. You do not have to use even a bit of oil while cooking as the infrared technology takes care of it all.

Controllable Temperature

The temp controlling is currently there in every air fryer so this is not a new or special feature anymore to talk about. Even then, we try to highlight the temp controlling features of different air fryer models because this is an important one to have.

Actually, this is a feature without which you will never be able to cook at ease. At the same time, you will not be able to cook different types of dishes with one air fryer without the help of controllable temperature based models.

With the controllable temp settings, you can cook from fries to grills in one machine at ease. This is a common but cool benefit to have.

Living Basix LB100 Jet Fry Oil Free Fryer Review

Odor and Dust Free

This is an interesting point and we are actually sad that this had to be a feature of an air fryer model. Recently we have seen such bad reviews about a lot of air fryers.

Most of them did not have quality outer parts and in some cases inner parts which caused odor and smells while cooking. This was ridiculous and this should definitely not happen with a product like air fryer which is considered as one of the highest ends of products when it comes to cooking.

The good news is that Living Basix guarantees that the products they produce will be completely odor and smell free.

Awesome Size

This is not a big product to have in your kitchen. There are lots of big options out there for you but it is kind of difficult to find a product which is compact and also good in terms of features.

Frankly, companies do not think big for the people who are demanding small air fryer models. May be those are not that income generating for the companies.

The Living Basix did well and their products are actually compact. You will be able to set this one even in the small kitchen counter and as the model is lightweight, you can easily move it around when needed.

Comes with Extra

It is always fun to have those extra items with the main air fryer. A lot of people will find this unnecessary but we think getting extras are worth mentioning. The product comes with extras such as bowls and baskets to make your cooking experience even better.

You might need those extra equips or you might not need them at all, but it is always good to have those extras. Especially the basket really comes handy when you are cooking items such as grills and vegetables.

Negative Sides

Though the product is good enough for many people, there are still negatives that you should be aware of. Though the negatives are not that huge; it is still wise to take a look before making it the last decision.

  • The food might pour out if you fill it to the edge
  • A lot of people expected a cookbook with the fryer

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a great product to have on your kitchen table in spite of the negatives. Negatives will always be there but there is a high chance that you will still be enjoying the service of this air fryer.

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