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Living Basix LB200 Digital Oil-Free Fryer Review

Living Basix Digital Oil-Free Airfryer comes with the new way of cooking system using combination of the convection technology and infrared at the same time. This is equipped with digital thermostat, stylish design and more efficient heating element.

With this air fryer, you are going to eat healthy without even sacrificing the taste a little bit. Living Basix Digital Oil-Free Fryer is designed to cook fresh, frozen or oven-ready foods. Moreover, in this air fryer one can also grill foods like chicken breasts, hamburgers etc.

You are going to love this air fryer as the food tray is twice in size compare to other air fryers.  The food box is easy to clean and there is proper direction. In short the LivingBasix Digital Oil-Free Fryer is going to be a great purchase for your kitchen.

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Makes Great Food

Most of the branded air fryers make excellent food, but the reason we are putting this as a feature for this air fryer is because no other air fryers received as many positive feedbacks as the Living Basix Digital Oil-Free Fryer has received.

One of the main reasons is that it really cooks your food very well.  It gives you the same taste that comes from deep fryer but in a very healthy way. Sometimes, it is even better than a deep fryer.

Multi-functional Cooking

Living Basix Digital Oil-Free Fryer has a great feature of multi-functional cooking which allows you to bake, broil, fry or grill your food. There is proper direction given how to cook in different methods. So, one just need to follow the instructions to start cooking.

Now, if you are totally new in air frying, then it’s quite normal that the food won’t come that good in your first attempts. However, as you try many more time you will become perfect in air cooking.

Multi functional cooking


This air fryer is ensured  all kind of safety measure. At first, it has closed cooking system which prevents any kind of exposure to the heat while cooking. With some air fryers, users have found the problem of heat espousing. But this air fryer has ensured that safety.

Moreover, it has a digital programmable temperature and timer control along with a digital thermostat. It also gives a sound alert when cooking time has elapsed. These all make sure that your cooking is safe and free from the risk of over cooking.


Living Basix Digital Oil-Free Fryer is a compact unit with a capacity of 2.5 litres. It measures 11.5×12.8×13 inches. The design also included retractable cord storage.  This air fryer fits comfortably on a kitchen countertop and can match with the other existing décor.

Negative Sides

  • It is a product for the small family of  2- 4 people. Therefore, one has to do multiple batches of cooking to cook for more people.

Final Words

Most individuals who have used this air fryer have given positive feedbacks. There is hardly any complaints or negative reviews about this air fryer.

So, Living Basix Digital Oil-Free Fryer can worth your money.






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