Prestige PAF 2.0 Air Fryer Review

Prestige PAF 2.0 Air Fryer Review: Get Tasty Yet Healthy Food

It’s certain that you are completely aware of exercise and healthy diet for staying in fit size and shape. Many people speak a lot regarding getting perfect weight. We often start dieting with a great energy but after some days we just get tired of having non-fried tasteless food.

But have you any idea that only using oil can’t make your food tasty and fried? Yes, you are reading it right. Technology is advanced now and it has opened a new way to keep our food healthy by using less amount of oil or even zero oil to fry the food using hot air. Such new technology is air frying. If you want to enjoy meat, snacks, chips etc. then consider buying Prestige PAF 2.0 Air Fryer.

Prestige PAF 2.0 Air Fryer Review

Easy to Clean

If you want to clean the basket after using, it’s possible doing with excellent ease. For adding to this, the basket and the grill are completely dishwasher safe. As such, it is possible to clean them with even the dirty dishes as well.

And simply before you ignore this as not a very big deal, just think of every time you have walked into the kitchen with you sink full of nasty dishes which were from the last day’s party you had so willingly and generously provided for hosting. You possibly only wanted to avoid them and pretend like they don’t exist. Up until you become hungry again and you understand you don’t have any clean dish for usage.

Easy to Use

You can have the best product with the most amazing features. But if it’s not easy to operate, then it’s really for nothing. What’s the need to buy a product which is really hard to use and very complicated too? You need to make your fried foods as per your choice and for that, you need an air fryer that is easy to operate.

So, you will be very pleased to know that the Prestige PAF2.0 2.2 L Air Fryer features an easy to operate layout. Both the temperature control knob and rotary timer are easy to operate and clearly labeled. Additionally, it also boasts an auto shutoff technology that offers the user a great convenience as well.

Safety Switch

You possibly have experienced times while you were very hungry that you could not even wait for getting food into the mouth. At that time, all seem to be working against you and then you use to find every cooking apparatus slow. When you are in hurry, you get excited to extract the food from the air fryer without switching that off.

Well, this mistake can cost your life also as its very risky. However, with the Prestige PAF2.0 1400 watts Air Fryer, you are completely safe. It features a safety switch that makes sure that the fryer switches off when you pull the frying basket. And the air frying operation continues again when you put the basket back.

Frying basket with amazing design

It is generally found that most of the air fryers in the market do not really feature a frying basket which is really durable, sturdy, and cool. Some in one way or the other lessen the effectiveness of the particular product altogether. Well, this is actually not the case with the Prestige 2.0 1400 watts Air fryer.

It’s frying basket arrives with a 304-grade stainless steel grill that enables the hot air for circulating smoothly over your food at neck breaking speed. This makes sure that the chicken gets cooked properly from inside but still remain its juiciness and that your chicken can be cooked fast. This air fryer comes with a sturdy carry handle also.

Oil and smoke filter

When you will utilize an air fryer at your kitchen, at times it will create smoke as a result of the hot air burning the small quality of oil which put in. When it appears for being a certain happening with many air fryers, the Prestige PAF 2.0 2.2L Air Fryer sports an oil and smoke filter in order to keep the kitchen smelling fresh and clean at every time.

Some people find it very difficult to cook in the kitchen because of hot air generated by cooking appliances. Well, now using this Prestige air fryer, it seems very easy to cook in the kitchen, having a fresh, cool, and clean ambiance. So, you’ll just love this device.


  • Its dishwasher safety and easy-to-clean feature make it a preferable product to numerous individuals.
  • It sports a carry handle with which you can carry this air fryer easily from one place to another.
  • This air fryer can filter odor coming straight from the back grill.
  • The air fryer shuts off when you start the lid and you will start it again from your cooking and the time of restart as you put the tray back and lock the device as well.
  • The automatic temperature control and the automatic timer fry the food within a fixed time period, making your cooking fast.


  • As per affordability, this air fryer is not inexpensive and if you are not very diet conscious, buying this product doesn’t make much sense.
  • Few items basically might take more time for cooking in comparison with cooking them in oil.
  • If you are too much in love with the oily taste, purchasing this product doesn’t make sense.

Final Verdict

The features which the Prestige2.0 2.2 L Air Fryer offers are indeed one of a kind. You might not be told this alternatively. Hence, next time whenever you will go for shopping, just consider a point of choosing the air fryer for being on the safe side and have the best experience ever. This appliance is easy to clean and maintain and comes with 2 years of warranty that provides you the security and comfort of using it.

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