VonShef Low Fat Oil Free Electric Air Fryer

VonShef Low Fat Oil Free Electric Air Fryer

When the theory of air fryers first came into light, VonShef was one of the premium brands that came out saying that they will build the best air fryer models. Till date, the company has created a lot of air fryers and not all of them did awesomely.

Yes, some of the machines did really well in the consumer market but if we think about it, there are a lot of air fryers from this company that didn’t do well. Well, our target is not to analyze the failures as we are not focusing on the brand in this article. What we will do today is a complete review of VonShef Low Fat oil free Electric Air fryer which the company has recently released.

We will talk about everything related to this product in today’s article. We will know the pros, features and definitely the cons. Let’s start the action.

VonShef Low Fat Oil Free Electric Air Fryer
A True All-Rounder

When you are thinking to buy an air fryer, you want to make sure that the one product does everything for your needs. Why would you buy an air fryer if it cannot do everything for you? We have seen people who never eat grills but they make sure that they buy air fryers which can make grills. It is that mental satisfaction you get while buying and it is important. VonShef Low Fat Oil Free Electric Air Fryer

The good news is that the VonShef air fryer that we are talking about right now can actually do everything that you can possibly think of. This is a true all-rounder.

No oil required

When we are going for an air fryer, we have that idea in the back of our head that we want to lose weight. Almost half of the people who buy air fryers buy it to lose weight. If you are one of that half of people then this is a great option for you to go for as this makes sure that you do lose weight.


Actually, the product will not help you to lose weight. It will stop you from gaining weight and eventually, you will lose weight. The concept is basic. The product does not require you to use oil and that is it.

Pre-set Modes

If you are someone who does not want to work a lot while cooking then this is a great solution for you. The air fryer has a few different pre set modes which will make your life a lot easier as a cook.

VonShef Low Fat Oil Free Electric Air Fryer

It is true that cooking with air fryers is easy in the first place. It will be even easier for you with the help of these set modes. There are 7 different set modes starting from the fries till the grills. You can also set some manual modes with this fryer if required.So, if there is a particular favorite dish of yours which is not available in the set modes, you will like this one.


Nobody wants to use an electric machine which is not convenient and difficult to use. Air fryers are a new invention in the world of kitchen equipment and there is a good chance that you are not completely comfortable with all the air fryers yet.

VonShef Low Fat Oil Free Electric Air Fryer

Well, do not worry as this product is completely convenient and you will simply be at ease while using this machine. The product does not consume a huge amount of energy which is pretty common among air fryers.

This air fryer is big.  There are smaller options out there however this one does not consume that much energy.

Huge Capacity

If you are from a big family or if you are alone but you eat all day then this is the perfect model for you to go for. The model will allow you to eat all the day with its huge capacity. You will not find a lot of air fryers that can carry up to 10.5 quant food in it at once.

VonShef Low Fat Oil Free Electric Air Fryer

This is why the air fryer is famous among small and big families. You don’t have to cook different dishes at different times. If the temperature matches your consideration, you can cook everything at once using the partitions in the air fryer.

Negative Sides

Though the air fryer is a very good model to go for, there are still some negative sides that you should know about. In this section, we are going to do exactly that.

  • It is a large model, if you are a small family, you might not need this one
  • Comes with only one baking cage and one single fork

Final Verdict

Overall, if you are looking for a big solution that can perform almost everything for your needs then this is a great pick for your home. It will keep you happy for a long period of time and the services that you will receive is worth spending the money.




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