Big Boss 1300 Watt Oil less Fryer Review

Big Boss 1300 Watt Oil less Fryer Review

There are people among us who love varieties along with lots of options in front of them. Are you one of them? If you are then, this is going to be a fantastic review article for you as this product is famous for its variety and options that it comes with.

The reason that we are going to review the Big Boss 1300 Oil less Fryer is simple. This is a famous product in the world of air fryers and a lot of people are using this one. Therefore, it becomes our duty to make sure that you know each and everything about this model.Big Boss 1300 Watt Oil less Fryer Review

Big Boss 1300 Watt Oil less Fryer Review

Lots of Varieties

This feature makes this air fryer entirely different from the rest of the ones out there. It is tough to find an air fryer model that actually displays its features like a dress that you buy on a holiday.

There are different colors and different function units which you will love.Yes, it might get confusing as there are around six different versions available while we are writing this review with not only different colors but also features and therefore price but you will like it. Big Boss 1300 Watt Oil less Fryer Review

At the end of the day, everyone wants to have different color options to pick the best one from the lot. This product is giving you that option.

Triple Cooking Power

The feature may sound like something very special but it is not that special to be honest. Though this is a good one to have considering the price that you are paying for this air fryer, there is nothing much to talk about. Let’s try. Big Boss 1300 Watt Oil less Fryer Review

The triple cooking power refers to three things. Big Boss 1300 Oil less Fryer can provide you halogen, convection and infrared heat at the same time and separately. So, you as a cook can use all these three powers at the same time to get superheat or you can use them separately as you need.

Less Energy Consumption

We all care about our mother earth at the end of the day. Though we do not say it out loud every time in terms of describing the features of a product but it always feels nice and warm to know that there is a product which is made in a way that it consumes less energy and supports the environment.

The Big Boss 1300 Oil less Fryer with good watt consuming ratio but it is made in a way so that it does not consume much of your electricity and works fast. This is a combination that we must like.

Fast Results

The machine that we are talking about here works quickly. The Big Boss has a 1300 watt ratio concerning power consumption. The number is high and that is reflected in the results of its foods.

Usually, frying will take around thirty minutes in any good air fryer. We are taking frying as an example as that is one of the most common items that people do in their air fryers.

With Big Boss 1300 watt machine, you can turn that time within 20 minutes and even lower in different situations. This is an advantage that you must like.

Multiple Cooking time

A lot of air fryers have one interesting problem. We have seen air fryers that are big but you cannot utilize the size of it as you cannot cook two different types of dishes at once inside. There are no partitions or dividers in those air fryers which will allow you to do so. Big Boss 1300 Watt Oil less Fryer Review

The good news is that Big Boss 1300 Oil less Fryer has a partition and you are allowed to cook two to three different types of dishes at once in this machine. This will not only save your time but will also save electricity.

Negative Sides

Though we mostly discussed the positive sides, it is time to know about some negatives too. No product is out from error and Big Boss is neither. Therefore, there are things and issues that you should be aware of.

  • The machine is quite small compared to most other ones
  • There is an open look of the machine which you may not like

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if you are seeking to buy that first air fryer for your needs or if you are planning to buy a small air fryer for your solo kitchen then this is a great pick.

The product is suitable for all those small dishes and tasks of yours. You will definitely enjoy the dishes.



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