Rosewill RHAF 15004 Multifunction Electric Air Fryer Review

Rosewill RHAF 15004 Multifunction Electric Air Fryer Review

Do you want to go for an air fryer that comes at a great price along with some cool features? Well, there is a high chance that you will like this Rosewill model in that case. Rosewill RHAF 15004 is not extraordinary in any scenario and we should tell you about that immediately before you read this review ahead.

If you are expecting that this will be an air fryer which will solve all your issues and even more than that, the prediction may not come into reality.

This is an average product at the end of the day. Interestingly, there is a high chance that the features that this one offers will be enough for your needs. Rosewill RHAF 15004 Multifunction Electric Air Fryer Review

Today, we will try to know everything possible about Rosewill RHAF 15004 to make sure that you have enough information on this product before you take that final purchase decision.

Rosewill RHAF 15004 Air Fryer Review

Huge Size

If you are one of those people who are looking for a big air fryer at a great cost then this is the product that will make you smile. The product is huge as it can carry up to 3.2 L of food at once which is one of the highest by any air fryer out there.Rosewill RHAF 15004 Multifunction Electric Air Fryer Review

It is very strange that how this company managed to create a product that big because this is an uncommon scenario in the world of air fryers. Anyway, we are definitely not sad about that so it’s fine.

Super Easy to Manage

We have seen a common feature pattern when we were doing our research about air fryers. The pattern is simple. If the air fryer is a bit less costly, the fryer has one advantage at least which is that it becomes super easy to manage.Rosewill RHAF 15004 Multifunction Electric Air Fryer Review

Expensive air fryers tend to have so many complicated and unnecessary features that make the overall cooking experience difficult. Rosewill RHAF 15004 is definitely not one of them. The buttons are easy to manage and the product has a light and simple operations system overall. You will definitely like this feature.

A True All Rounder

This is the feature which is the reason that a lot of people are buying this machine. Yes, you will like that the product is big and it is easy to manage, but if the air fryer is not an all rounder, there is no point in going for one, isn’t it? Rosewill RHAF 15004 Multifunction Electric Air Fryer Review

The best part about Rosewill RHAF 15004 Black 1400W is that it can cook possibly everything from the planet. You can obviously do the main dishes in this one which is pretty basic but you can also experiment with the help of this air fryer which is interesting.

If you are a cook, you will love this item as there are ample opportunities to test and to come up with new dishes with the help of this air fryer.

Easy Cleaning

We always emphasize on this section because we believe cleaning is an integral part of using an air fryer. You already know that cleaning is one of the toughest processes of using an air fryer. Cleaning oil has always been difficult and though air fryers do not use much of oil, it is still a tough task to make sure that the fryer is clean for the next use.

Apart from the technical stuff, it is boring to clean an air fryer when you are already done eating, isn’t it?

Advanced Techniques

The last feature that we will talk about from Rosewill RHAF 15004 is the advanced techniques that the company used while building the model. We are talking about features such as advanced air circulation system which makes sure that the hot air is processed properly.

This is not a high-end system (we are mentioning this again and again!) but it is a good one to have. This technique makes sure that your machine does not become hot no matter how hard you use it.

Negative Sides

Though this is a budget air fryer and there are enough positives to be satisfied with, Let’s now have a look at some of the negative sides in this section. Often, negative sides are the reasons that why people either select or ignore a product.

  • Very huge in size
  • Takes little more time than others to finish cooking

Final Verdict

Overall, Rosewill RHAF 15004 is not one of those products that have everything up to the fullest. This is a product which is great for those who just want a budget air fryer which will cover everything to some extent or the others. If you do not have problems or issues with the huge size or slowness of this model, this can be a great one to go for within the price range.




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