De’Longhi Multi-Fry Extra FH1363 Air Fryer Review: Blessing for Dieters

De’Longhi Multi-fry is an excellent addition to your cooking apparatus. It can not only be utilized as a multi-cooker but also as a low-oil fryer. An option is there for preparing many foods with this amazing fryer like crispy French fries to the sauce, steaks to salmon, etc.

Even you can bake pizzas and prepare pies and cakes as well. The exclusive SCS technology of De’Longhi is applied in its air fryers so that the air fryer can distribute heat equally for every part of the food. A mixing paddle is there that can automatically stir food. It requires a little quantity of oil for preparing foods. This device can broil, bake, and cook delicious dishes. Read the review on De’Longhi FH1363 Multi-fry Extra to take the buying decision.

Let’s start with the chips

Multi-fry is a creative low-oil fryer that helps you make yummy dishes with no or little extra oil. So you can enjoy your favorite and healthier foods. This air fryer can cook up to 1.7kgs at a single time utilizing 14ml oil/kg, which creates for 2.8% fat fresh chips.

These chips lose lots of water when they get cooked, so these figures enable them shrinking. And this is ample for feeding a family of 8 persons, and similar to the lowest fat oven chips can be purchased. This air fryer can cook 750g chips in only 21-23 minutes. With the FH1363, it is possible to cook up to 3.3lbs of frozen potatoes and 3.7lbs of fresh potatoes of French fries.

Rapid Air technology

The Rapid Air Technology is another amazing feature to discuss. Due to this technology, you can make various types of dishes ready very fast, using De’Longhi FH1363. This air technology supplies air with higher degree up to 200 Centigrade for making fry foods like chicken, fish, chips, and so forth. The setting of the new air technology is a new era of the cooking device and completely a new gen cooking process.

Hence, this air fryer provides browned and crisp food with no or less fat, up to 80% less, in comparison with the traditional cooking system. Cooking time is also lessened by the creative building of the two heating components: they offer both convection and radiant heat for an ideal cooking procedure.

Easy to clean

If you want to clean this magic cooking device, you must disconnect the tool from the main socket. You need to let it cool down totally. De’Longhi FH1363 Multi-fry Extra is not very tough to clean. But still you need to consider a few points: you should not keep the device under the water flow or you can’t even immerse the device in water.

If this fryer anyhow comes in the touch of water, it will produce the electric shock. Well, you can wash bowl, paddle, and window with hot water or simply with neutral washing up liquid. Washing the tool, again and again, can damage the ceramic coating. Simply wash the hot air discharge grille, keeping it with the fryer.

Unlimited menus

The paddle’s automatic motion gently blends food and enables for mixing and cooking a different amalgamation of ingredients without any requirement of stirring food manually. The robust design of the heating elements enables to utilize De’Longhi FH1363 Multi-Fry Extra without the mixing paddle that opens up to an endless variety of menus.

Using this fryer, you can cook risottos, stews, ragouts, sauces, ratatouille, and also fish fillets, meat and even can bake quiches, cakes, and pizzas. With this fryer, you can cook other recipes also, which are better than a conventional oven. This is the best solution to a non-existent issue. This multi-cooker will help you cook more fresh dishes, which is really a good thing for you.

Easy to operate

You can easily use this fryer. The foods are made with less oil and the taste is also amazing. An auto device is there with this machine. Cakes and shallow fries are done without any time. Even you don’t need to pay much attention to it. This device is really a preferred product for people.

If you are on diet, then this is the way to the slimming world and you can make yummy dishes using only a spoon of oil. Cook chips, sausages, vegetables, or entire meals within a short time period. This appliance is every easy to throw things into it and you can make food in lesser time than the oven. This device is something the dieters aspire for.


  • This De’Longhi multi-fryer is easy to make homemade chips.
  • There are paddles for stirring the food easily itself.
  • This appliance is very light in weight and not very flimsy as well.
  • In order to make healthier food, you can use only a little quantity of oil.
  • During the cooking process, you can simply lift the lid in order to check the food inside.
  • This appliance is easy to use: just touch 2 buttons and you are ready to go with.
  • You don’t need to use the dishwasher as this appliance is indeed easy to clean.
  • You can get endless options of recipes.


  • If you do not love healthier foods or chips, then this device is not for you.
  • The speed of this device is really very slow and it takes almost 43 minutes for preparing potatoes.
  • This appliance is quite noisier than the other kitchen apparatus.
  • The paddle takes much time to start stirring.

Final Verdict

It is possible that this De’Longhi Multi-fryer can prepare a lot of low-fat chips. This fryer is an amazing alternative for a big family who prefers to take chips for the entire family. And the result will not be better than the oven chips or homemade chips or even oven baked fresh chips. Thereby, this is amazing for a large family who wants to have oven space for preparing the chips after the end of their dinner.

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