Gourmia GTA 1500

Gourmia GTA 1500 Review

Gourmia GTA 1500 is an excellent air fryer by the famous Brand Gourmia. It works as a griller and roaster with all digital control. This versatile air fryer will transform any food into a low-calorie food by its unique way of cooking.

This air fryer is the best product for any vacation, dorm rooms, as it is easy to carry. It is designed with the “calorie reducer” technology which makes your food totally calorie free and gives you a healthy life.

This fantastic air cooker comes with 11 accessories which are a lot compare to other branded air fryers.  The air fryer includes a non-stick container, so it is easy to clean the inside. Therefore, people who don’t want to have a fat air fryer and interested to reduce their calories for them this is a perfect product.

Gourmia GTA 1500

Air Circulating

Gourmia GTA 1500 has the technology of hot air circulating 360 degrees all around the food. This technology makes sure that the foods are evenly cooked both from inside and outside. It will give you crispy exteriors and juicy moist interiors.

This air fryer also uses halogen bulb to heat up the air and food inside the cooking chamber. You are going to get a great texture and taste of your food without having a little bit of fat or oil.

Gourmia GTA-1500


Bundle of Accessories

Beside the main air fryer, you will get around 10-11 accessories with this air fryer. There is skewer rack, a rotating classic rotisserie, crisp and fry basket, mesh filter, stir fry, tongs, steamer racks and some more.

Different accessories will allow you to cook in various style.

For example with the rotisserie, one can roast a whole chicken which will take 18-20 minutes. Then with the steamer rack one can steam vegetables, buns, pastries etc.

Gourmia GTA-1500 accessories

Easy to Use

Gourmia GTA1500 is a very user-friendly air fryer. All cooking mode is done with a button only. The time and temperature button are also very easy to control. It has a digital touch screen interface including intuitive buttons.

Moreover, there is a see through window from where you can check your food time to time.  Cooking with this air fryer rarely needs any hard effort. Therefore, this air fryer is very popular for college students, busy mom or the inexperienced people.

Gourmia GTA-1500


There is safety knob located at the side of the fryer. All you need to press this button before you close the lid. This knob feature ensures all kind of safety measure.

The non-slip feet makes sure that there is no slipping off the fryer.

Negative Sides

  • The cooking time takes longer than it mentioned in the manual book.
  • The air fryer doesn’t provide any recipe book.

Final Words

Compare to other expensive air fryers of the market the Gourmia GTA 1500 is a pretty good purchase.

One can cook so many different items in this cooker which makes it versatile. In short, it has received good reviews from its users except the thing that it does not give proper instruction and recipe book.  You will love cooking with this air fryer.





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