Ivation 1500 Watt Multifunction Electric Air fryer Review

Ivation 1500 Watt Multifunction Electric Air Fryer Review

Ivation air fryer is one of those products that gives you the vibe of being a premium one but comes at a handy price so that many can afford the model. The brand is not new but the product Ivation 1500 air fryer is one of the newest ones of the lot.

The 1500 basically represents the watt count that this air fryer takes while being cooked. There are a lot to talk about this model to be honest and we did enough research to inform you about everything that you need to know.

There are different versions of this model available in the market. The one that we will talk about in this review is the black model (we did our research on this black unit) but the colors do not have any impact on the features. Ivation 1500 Watt Multifunction Electric Air fryer Review

The Ivation 1500 air fryer is considered as a multifunctional unit and there are reasons behind that. We will cover those points too in this article.

Ivation 1500 Air Fryer Review

Different Models/Variations

It is always awesome to be able to choose from different modes and variations of a product. The interesting thing with the Ivation model is that you do not only get to choose from different colors or models, you have the option to choose either a touch panel version or a button version keeping all the other features same.Ivation 1500 Watt Multifunction Electric Air fryer Review

So the options in front of you are simple and interesting. If you are comfortable with a touch panel like your smartphone, you can easily go for the touch screen one but if you are traditional and want to use the button-based model, simply go for that.

Healthy Frying

Though the concept of us is that we do not require oil to cook while we are cooking with air fryers, the reality is a bit different. In most cases, the air fryers will need at least a bit of oil to make the food perfect. The good news is that the Ivation 1500 air fryer will not require any sort of oil for you to cook food no matter whatever you are cooking.Ivation 1500 Watt Multifunction Electric Air fryer Review

We have tried it out on our own and the result is pretty awesome. If you are one of those health conscious minds, you will like this air fryer especially for this feature.

Easy to Manage

Ivation 1500 air fryer is super easy to manage. We have hardly seen any other air fryers that are this much easy to manage and to work on. When you are working with this air fryer, you will never find it challenging and the whole experience will always be simple and interesting.

There are people out there who didn’t even use microwave before and they find this air fryer comfortable to use. If you have old or extremely young people in your family and you want everyone to enjoy the power and fun of an air fryer, this is the best option for you to go for.

Easy Preset Models

This feature actually goes with the previous one that we discussed just before this one. Ivation air fryer is easy to use and naturally, you expect an easy air fryer to have some preset features. These preset models are available in this one to make your life a lot easier.Ivation 1500 Watt Multifunction Electric Air fryer Review

The presets that are there are mostly traditional and you can guess the items even if we do not mention those here. For example, there are chips, chicken and steak preset options along with cake, fish and some other innovative items. Overall, the preset models help in most situations.

Removable Options

Ivation air fryer comes with a lot of removable parts that will make you happy. You might misjudge so let us make it clear for you guys.

By removable parts, we are not meaning parts that are attached to the main machine and you are allowed to remove those. We are meaning extra items that come with this air fryer such as extra cooking baskets, removable pan and much more which will help in your cooking journey.

Cooking is a tough task if not maintained well. These are the elements that will make this task a bit easier for you.

Negative Sides

Now, this is a section where we talk about the negative sides of using this product. Though the product is good and there are ample reasons to be happy about, there are negative parts too which you should know about.

  • The touch control model costs more than the button model
  • The product does not come with a big manual

Final Verdict

Overall, Ivation air fryer is a really good one to go for if you are happy with the features. The product is equally good for families and solo foodies as there are enough options to change the air fryer according to your needs.


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