Kalorik Convection Air Fryer Review

Kalorik Convection Air Fryer Review

Even before we start this review, we want to let you know that kalorik air fryer is not an air fryer for everybody. Not everybody will like this one and not everybody will get benefit from this one either. If you are interested in this product already, read our review and decide whether you should proceed with the purchase decision or not.

If you are not into this product and hearing the name of this brand for the first time today, well keep reading. We cannot say that there are lights under the tunnel for you.

The product that we will be reviewing today is the Kaloric Convection Air Fryer which is also known as the FT37999SS model. This is a product from the brand Kalorik which has been there for a few years now with their kitchen products. We will tell you everything that you need to know about this product. Let’s start.Kalorik Convection Air Fryer Review

Kalorik Convection Air Fryer Review

Good Capacity

If huge capacity is what you are after, you will certainly like the feel of this product. This product is considered as a good option for large families as kalorik air fryer can easily carry up to 4.2 qt capacity of food at ease.

The best part is that even if it has a holding capacity of such high amount of food, it can do produce fast results without any problem or difficulty. The combination is nice. A lot of food prepared in a quick speed for your whole family with the help of this model. Wouldn’t you like that?

Everything without Oil

Are you familiar with products that add a lot of excitement to the table? There are air fryers which let you play with them, experiment with foods and come up with new and interesting recipes.

Well, this is not one of those models. kalorik air fryer is like army solutions as it will not let you do things that it is not supposed to do.

From another point of view, you will be allowed to do a lot of things in this one including all those regular fries that we buy air fryers for.

Good Air Convection

As air fryers deal with air and it can do that pretty well. The clear difference between bad or regular air fryers from a good model is in how it deals with air from the surroundings.

If an air fryer is good, it will always deal with the air in a different and better way than the regular one. kalorik air fryer has a very strong hot air convection which will make sure that all your food are made in a healthier and easier fashion without including any more fat elements.

We are buying and using air fryers to get rid of fat and this one helps.

Great Monitor

When your food is inside the air fryer, do you want to see whether the food is being prepared in a proper way or not? Let us tell you an interesting thing. People always love to view what they are doing. This is why there are people who always do a facial with their glasses on! There are people who always use those lifts or elevators that have glass in them unintentionally.

In the same way, this air fryer company made sure that you can check out the foods while they are being prepared. Though you might not need this feature, we still appreciate Kalorik for bringing this up.

Halogen Heating System

According to the company, the halogen heating system is a special insider heating system that they have introduced in this air fryer.

kalorik air fryer can take heat up to 400F. It is good enough for most people because you do not need more than this to cook almost 95% of the dishes that are available out there. Though we are not sure whether the halogen thing will be a good choice or not, it will definitely not be a bad thing.

Negative Sides

This is an important section as we are going to suggest you some very vital information in this section. Be prepared.

  • You will need at least a bit of oil for the food to taste good
  • The chances are high that your food won’t taste as good as the other methods of cooking with this air fryer

Final Verdict

Overall, kalorik air fryer is an ordinary product and it is up to you whether you should go for this model or not. There are certainly better options out there. We think you should do a bit more research on air fryers before you take that final decision to go with this model.





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