Le Coucou Airfryer Harmony II Review

Le Coucou Airfryer Harmony II Review

Today we will review another interesting product for you guys. This is Le Coucou Harmony II from the brand Le Coucou.

The features of this model are a lot like other air fryers. They did not want to take any risk and therefore, made sure that they pick the best features out there. Though this idea made the product look really boring but it has been proven as a good step from the customers’ point of view.

Le Coucou Airfryer Harmony II ReviewThere is a lot to talk about this product in our review so be prepared as we are going to talk details on Le Coucou Harmony II in this article.

Different Colors & Variations

There are four different color and feature variations of Le Coucou that you can choose from. Two primary colors are black and white. There are two other gray shades based on black and white.

Apart from the color features, there are two basic vacations of this product in terms of holding capacity. These are good options to have on hand because there are only a few brands out there that let you choose a color or a size option from their single branded products.

Easy to Use

We can’t tell you enough about the importance of using an air fryer which is easy to use. There is no reason that you should choose an air fryer where you need to press or touch on five types of buttons to start cooking.

Le Coucou Airfryer Harmony II Review

The user panel of this product is super easy to use as there are two different knobs. The product also offers auto standby which is another good thing to have.


How important do you think is the safety part of your air fryer? Yes, air fryers can easily turn out to be super dangerous if not taken care of properly. The only way to be safe and tension free is to go for a product that ensures safety.

Le Coucou Airfryer Harmony II Review

This air fryer is FDA approved along with the ETL certificate which will make sure that safety aspect for you. We all know that accidents can always happen and there is nothing much that we can do at the time of accidents.

On the other hand, we can always choose better products to avoid accidents for good, right?

Trial Offer

If you buy this product and feel like you are not satisfied with the performance of it, you can ask for a refund. The policy is that you will have to ask for the refund within 30 days and there will be a refund without asking any questions.

This feature tells us two things. One is that the company is confident with their products and the other thing is that it is a win-win situation for us the consumers.

No Oil

The other feature that is noticeable is that this air fryer requires you to put no oil while you are cooking. If you have read our other reviews, you already know that one of the biggest reasons that why people buy air fryers is to avoid oil.

Le Coucou Airfryer Harmony II Review

You can literally do so with this product. Despite of using no oil, the taste hardly varies and you get a healthy dish at the end of the day. Isn’t that a nice combination to have?

Negative Sides

What are the negatives of this air fryer? Even if the bests of products have some negatives and this one is not out of them. This product also has negatives to talk about. Let’s see some of those:

  • The air fryer is not big enough for a family dish
  • Some people reported that the dishes taste dry

Final Verdict

Overall, this is definitely a good product to go for. If the size is not a problem for your current situation, you can easily go for this product and taste great dishes at the comfort of your home.


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