How to Make the Perfect French Fries in the Air Fryer

How to Make the Perfect French Fries in the Air Fryer

French fries are no doubt extremely tempting but if you are trying to eat healthy, then you should perhaps think twice about eating them! If you still want them, then getting an air fryer is a great idea. It makes great French fries at a fraction of the oil it normally takes in a deep fryer.

Here are all the tips you need to make the perfect French fries in the air fryer for yourself.

How to Make the Perfect French Fries in the Air Fryer

Use a Little Oil 

If you are buying an air fryer that promises oil-free cooking, there is no doubt that it is going to be wonderful news for your health and waistline.

When it comes to French fries, a little bit of oil can go a long way. To make French fries in a deep fryer, you would need close to a bottle of oil, but with an air fryer you can do so with a tablespoon of oil.

However, make sure that you don’t use too much of it because the potatoes are going to turn all soggy. If you use too little, they may turn out hard and not taste all that good.

So use your caution well.


The cutting of the potatoes is super-important when you are using an air fryer. When you are cutting your potatoes, make sure that you do it properly.

Don’t make big wedges that are difficult to cook through.

Type of potatoes

The type of potatoes you buy for your French fries is very essential as well. The most important tip to make the perfect French fries in the air fryer is to buy suitable potatoes.

Your supermarket will have a variety of potatoes available so if you can get hold of Yukon Gold, buy them. In fact, make sure you stock up because these babies are just perfect for fries!

Golden brown and happy

Another of the important tips to remember and follow is if you like your fries nice and golden, you must let the appliance do its magic for an additional 5 minutes after they have been cooked through.

Ratio of oil

To make the perfect fries, you will have to maintain a ratio of a tablespoon of oil for a medium-sized potato.


You are going to clean the potatoes in water before you put them in the air fryer. Make sure that they are completely dry before starting the process. Water can make your fries soggy and tasteless so ensure that’s not the case.


It is important to know that an air fryer will take more time to cook your favorite fries than a deep fryer. This is because it uses hot-air technology to cook food and hence the time taken for food to be cooked through may be a bit longer.

A Surprise French Fries Recipe for your Air Fryer!

So you want to make the healthy version of the French fries. For this, you are going to need the a high-quality air fryer. So here goes!

What you need

  • 4 medium-sized potatoes
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil or any vegetable oil you usually use at home
  • Sea salt; as much as you want

How to do it

  • Start with peeling all the potatoes.
  • Next, you have to cut them. Try to make them as uniform as possible. The best is 8 mm thick strips. It is great if you own a chip cutter because it means your fries are going to be cut just right.
  • Now you have to soak the cut potatoes in water. Do this for at least half an hour. This is important for getting rid of all the extra starch that the potatoes have.
  • Now drain off all the water. To further dry them, use paper towels to pat thoroughly.
  • You will need to pre-heat your air fryer to 160 degrees centigrade.
  • Once that is happening, take a bowl that is enough to hold all your fries and place the fries in them.
  • Put in the olive oil right into the potatoes.
  • Toss the whole thing so that the oil gets mixed with the potatoes nicely.
  • Now transfer the whole thing into the basket that the air fryer has. Put the basket back in the fryer. Now set the timer. It should be for 15 to 16 minutes.
  • When the timer indicates that it is done, take out the fires and quickly shake all of them. Now put back the basket once again into the air fryer and this time set the timer for 12 minutes.
  • The air fryer should be set at 180 degrees centigrade this time.
  • After about 5 or 6 minutes, take out the basket, give the whole thing a shake and put it back again.
  • Now wait for the final timer.
  • By the time the 12 minutes are up, your French fries should be cooked perfectly golden.
  • Take them out of the basket, transfer it to a big bowl and toss with sea salt.
  • It is now ready to eat.

It is so easy to have unhealthy food on a regular basis. Eating out is easy but the effect it has on your health can have far-reaching consequences.

The French fries which we are used to are usually made by dunking the fries in oil not once, but twice! This means that they are deep-fried twice to make sure they are nice and crunchy. So you can imagine the amount of oil that goes in each piece of fries!

But now you won’t have to compromise with health anymore because with an air fryer, you can make delicious fries any night of the week you want without any of the guilt associated with it. Get an air fryer and make healthy eating a routine thing for yourself and your family.



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