Power Air Fryer Review

The Power Air Fryer Review – The Healthy Eating Solution

If you’re running out of time, you need to take a look at how you can work more productively, without losing out on your health.

With increased shortage of organic food and most of what we consume today being processed and highly laden with calories, and trans fats, it’s easier said than done.

There is an alarming increase in lifestyle-related diseases, from obesity, heart attacks, high cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease. The high level of fats in our diet add into the toxin levels in our body and mess with our metabolism.

What if we can eliminate cooking oil from our diets and still keep the rich flavour of the food and still enjoy its taste?

Sounds difficult right?

Thankfully, it’s possible.

All you need is a good quality air fryer to help you relish the taste of food without adding harmful calorific ingredients to food.

With the right diet and food, you don’t have to go through those rigorous diets or the exhausting routine at the gym every day. Today, we are going to review the Power Air Fryer, one of the best air fryers in its class.

Power Air Fryer Review

How is an Air Fryer the Answer?

An air fryer is a revolutionary kitchen tool that cooks food by circulating superheated air around the food.

A mechanical fan moves the heated air around the food at high speeds, and the food is cooked with introduction of a crispy layer by a process called the Maillard effect. The air fryer cooks foods like fries, pastries, patties, nachos, etc without the use of a conventional deep-fryer.

What is the Maillard Effect?

The science behind a conventional air fryer is explained below. The process is named as Maillard Effect.

It is basically a chemical reaction occuring between amino acids and reducing sugars that provides browned food its characteristic flavour and taste.

The reaction is a kind of non-enzymatic browning which mainly occurs at a rapid rate at a range of 140 to 165 °C (280 to 330 °F). At an elevated temperature, caramelization takes place and followed by that, pyrolysis starts to occur. Here is what happens.

  • The carbonyl ion from sugar consisting in this food reacts with the nucleophilic amino acid component of the amino acid, and forms a network of poorly defined molecules which subsequently emanate a wide range of aromas and flavors.
  • The category of the amino acid consisting in the food will determine the resultant flavor and aroma.
  • This reaction is the utilized for a maximum amount of the flavoring for the recipes of the culinary industry.
  • This process gives rise to a wide variety of flavoured compounds which subsequently decompose to form more amount of flavoured compounds, and the process continues.
  • Different foods have their own unique set of compounds giving rise to their characteristic flavour that are formed during the Maillard reaction.

These very compounds have been utilized by flavour scientists and culinary experts since older times to manufacture artificial flavors.

Air fryers are the next big thing in culinary technology. With most populations becoming health conscious, the trend today is to avoid fat and fried food as much as possible. There is a significant percentage of people today suffering from cholesterol surges and hence coronary artery disease.

The Top Benefits of a Air Fryer

Frying with pans can be a very cumbersome process which can take up a significant portion of your time. And with today’s hectic schedules, it can be a challenge preparing a snack menu for those unexpected guests and with very little time left for the party.

You really don’t want the heat, the messiness of the oil, the added costs involved with cooking oil and spray to hamper your food feasts. And the sogginess accompanied by the oil cooked food too becomes a major cause of worry and kills all the taste of the food.

What are snacks without the crunchy sound anyway? Air fryers are the answer to all your problems.

They are quick to load, easy to operate and you get your dish quicker. However, the multitude of air fryers doing the rounds may make your buying decision a difficult one. Some of them possess some basic design flaws and may not meet your requirements.

Moreover, many have designs that make it a herculean task clean them up. Some air fryers come with very complicated functions that may not be easily comprehendible by users.

Don’t worry – we have found the best one for you – and here is why.

The Top Features of the Power Air Fryer

So here we reviewed The Power Air Fryer which comes across as a really good option for an air fryer. This is why you should really go for this air fryer.

Crispy Snacks Made Easy!

It is so common with pan frying techniques that your snacks turn out soggy. With this air fryer, you can get crisp, fresh snacks in no time. From fries to chicken wings, the Rapid air technology makes the snacks crispier, and more delicious.

The best part is, you get to have the crispiness and fried texture minus the oil. So you save up on oil expenses too! The cooking process takes very little time so you have a lip smacking goodie on your plate in no time. Soggy oil dripping food is something nobody would like to consume. Crunchiness is desired in every food item we eat.

Cakes, pastries, bagels, burgers, hot dogs, cornbread, roasted chicken, steaks, everything can be cooked in this fryer and it will be crispy, bouncy and fresh.

Keeping it Healthy!

You will be away from trans fats, extra calories, no oily sticky situations and if you’re looking to lose weight, the Power Air Fryer is the perfect choice for you. The fryer uses a jet of dry superheated air to cook your food and not heated oil so you stay healthy and don’t put on those kilos.

The dry air stream will bring out the best out of the flavours as explained in the introduction as the chemical reaction accompanying the frying will release flavour compounds from the food items and make your food more wholesome and appetizing.

Moreover, the colour and texture of the food along with the health benefits of increased presence of amino acids and other nutrients which were more likely to be lost due to conventional deep oil frying methods will make this fryer an even more desirable item in your kitchen set.

This is an excellent option for people with high levels of cholesterol who need to significantly cut down on fat but hate to compromise on the taste. With more than half of the world’s population reeling under obesity, this product comes as a breath of fresh air. There are no side effects and the cooking oil or spray is not required, not even a drop is utilized for the cooking process.

The best part is that despite not being fried, the food tastes just as good.

Fast working and Multipurpose!

The USP of this air fryer is the extremely powerful Rapid Air System that makes it extremely fast and powerful to work with so you don’t spend hours in the kitchen preparing your favourite snacks.

The Super Heated Air in the fryer heats food to as much to 400°C and has a brilliant 1500 or 1700 Watts of Turbo-Cyclonic Power that make cooking a more efficient and pleasurable experience.

This air fryer is not just useful for frying you can use it in 6 different settings for different cooking processes. So you can use this fryer to Air Fry, Bake, Steam, Saute, Grill and Roast.

You no longer need those long hours at the barbeque and grill to prepare your food. This will take much lesser space and give you much more nutritious and delectable dishes, whether veg or non veg.

The fryer is multipurpose and highly effective thus revolutionalizing your cooking experience.

  • You no longer have to worry about heating frozen food. You no longer have to deal with limp or soggy reheated frozen foods as a result of being subjected to the microwave.
  • You can heat almost any frozen food variety and it will come off as good as fried or roasted without any sogginess.
  • You can bake and Saute food and create almost any dish you desire without any additional heavy equipment or time consuming food preparation techniques.
  • You can cook meats, lean or red as well as fresh vegetables like asparagus, potatoes, and what not and they will come out delicious and will be cooked way more quickly than the conventional barbecue and roast oven setup. And you don’t even need oil for the same!

Suited to all your needs

Apart from the six processes you can carry out through this Air fryer, it has seven different presets and attachments so you can cook anything from French fries, to chicken, steaks, roasts, shrimp & a wide array of baked items. The automatic presets are an excellent feature to enhance your cooking experience. So all the masterchefs on board can really have a blast with the Power Air Fryer!

The easy to comprehend digital one touch display too contributes to the accessibility and ease of operating the appliance.

The Power Air Fryer is also provided with a divider so now it is possible to cook two separate dishes at the same time significantly cutting down on your kitchen time so you have more time to enjoy with your family and mates and you can also prepare any dish you want.

The Power Air Fryer is also provided with a baking pan which can be used to cook cakes and other bakery products which is such a blessing as we all know how laborious it is to bake some cake or prepare bread or pastries.

Easy to operate and clean

The Easy Load Basket makes it a cakewalk to put your food inside the fryer and the Power Air Fryer is also provided with a specialized Non Stick Coating which makes it an easy task to clean the fryer after use.

Most people have a hard time cleaning their fryers and equipments after the cooking is done but this fryer solves your misery and makes cooking all the more exciting! What’s more? The cool touch and easy to grip handle makes handling the appliance all the more easier. All you need is warm water and soap and you’re good to go!

Just load your food onto the basket and press the buttons and put on any setting you like. You don’t need to be an expert chef to operate this fryer. You just need to set the temperature and time or just press on any preset to prepare the dish of your choice.


  • Easy to operate and clean – it just takes a few minutes.
  • High temperature ranges for cooking.
  • Provided with a Non Stick Coating to help make your cooking experience better
  • Available in 2 different sizes to suit your different needs
  • Easy to handle – even an 8 year old kid can use this appliance, it’s that easy to use.
  • Portable and reduces the need to provide extra space for heavy cooking equipment like barbeques and grills.


  • Releases extremely hot air from the vents thus makes it risky around kids
  • It is difficult to fit the tray back in during cooking when one needs to turn the sides of the food or check if the food is cooked or not.
  • Some cases of basket tray being unable to load were reported.
  • It is too bulky and you really wouldn’t want to move it around a lot.
  • Many customers complained of the basket trays being broken down.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is a great product and the answer to all your kitchen woes. The USP of this product are the different options and the ease of operation. The easy displays and multipurpose features add on to this fabulous product.

And the fact that you can cook two different dishes simultaneously is an even more attractive feature. This fryer is reasonably and competitively priced hence it is worth every penny you spend! Imagine the amount of time you save when you use something as wonderful as this fryer to cook any dish in the day, especially the ones who are working long hours.

You have a hunger pang, and all you need is 10 minutes to prepare a delicious meal or a snack.

Although there are design flaws in the construction of it’s basket tray which has led to many returns and unsatisfied customers, a careful technique with tact can help solve this problem and once you start using this fryer regularly, you will surely get the hang of it.

So just grab your fryer and get ready to experience healthy and tasty eating with convenient preparation!


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  1. Why dose my coating on the bottom of my fryer not the basket all pill off?
    I love it but my husband saids what if we get the paint chips in our food.
    Can you help me with this may be send the bottom part back so you can see it?

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